Professional Make-up

By Cara Templeman, Changing Faces Makeup

Cara has done some fabulous work with New Work for fashion shoots, events and personal portrait shoots, including at our make-over and photoshoot workshops for Perth women. Here, she gives some make-up tips to ensure you are photo-ready.

First impressions count, there’s no way you can deny it. Especially if you have your own business as you are often the sole representative. This is even more important if you are designer, or anyone in an industry where attention to detail is important. Wearing makeup is an important way to define how you look and influence that first impression. It doesn’t have to be a lot but a small amount of well placed makeup can boost your confidence as well as your appearance.


Makeup by Changing Faces at the NW Fashion & Photo Night 

It can be incredibly confusing when there are so many brands and types of makeup. I recommend looking at your life, your skin and how you apply makeup and then go from there. For example I am often up at 4.30am to work on a shoot, I have oily skin and I have to wear makeup every day so I choose a mineral makeup. It’s really quick and easy to dust on, good for your skin if you are wearing it every day and being a powder absorbs some of the oil. If you like a really polished look then I would go for a medium to full coverage liquid or stick with a compact powder to give a matt finish, that way you can take the compact with you for touch ups during the day. It’s really about looking at what will work for you or you simply won’t use it.

If you are going to wear eyeliner I recommend a cream/gel eyeliner like the china doll one from Napoleon. You use a stiff angled brush to apply it which gives greater control and an easier application and it’s waterproof and smudge proof so it won’t end up down your face after a couple of hours. Pencils melt and smudge way too easily and start to look messy. A soft eyeshadow in beige, soft champagne pink, grey or brown is great to have because it’s not drastic, is easy to blend and gives a natural polished look. Combine this with mascara (Maxfactor Masterpiece Max is great) and you have three easy steps to a polished, low maintenance look for eyes that will take less than 5 minutes.

Again with blush don’t go for anything over the top unless you are confident in applying it. Make sure your blush has a slight glow or shimmer to it which will catch the light and give a natural glow to your cheeks. (Napoleon blush patrol is an investment but it is beautiful, otherwise try a Natio one, powder is the easiest.) Just remember that a powder blush goes on a powdered skin and a cream blush goes on unpowdered dewy skin. That way it will adhere evenly and not stick in places. It’s all about practice and finding out what looks good for you.

If you are going to all this effort please don’t forget your lips. It only takes 30 seconds to swipe on a lipstick or gloss and it really finishes the look. There are so many formulations and colours so just have a play around with what you like. A few good general colours are rosy pinks that aren’t too sweet and orange reds that give definition but aren’t too out there, for example Playful by Natio or Soft Rose or Raspberry in the new Revlon Colourburst lipstick.

I hope this has helped shed a bit of light on makeup application. I can’t stress enough that practice truly does make perfect, so keep trying until you find a method that suits you. I can do a full face of makeup in about 5 minutes for myself and that’s only through practicing and having a go. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.