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Quick tips for photos that get the sale!

The visual representation of you and your business will have one of the biggest impacts on the buyer’s decision. In this digital age, competition is fierce and even small businesses are striving for a highly professional look to be able to compete.

Here are some quick tips to make sure your business photos will get you the sale.

Woman writing cellar floor

1. Profile photos should suit your industry.

For example, if you work outdoors, take your profile photo shoot outside! A traditional corporate shoot on a studio backdrop won’t help you connect with your audience or say anything about what you do.

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2. Profile photos should show why you are different.

Profile photos should suit your unique personality, highlighting what YOU bring that’s better than the competition. Visuals are the most powerful way you can stand out in marketing.

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3. Photos used in your marketing should clearly represent what you do, how you do it and whom you work with. 

Quality photos of you at work help your potential customer ‘picture’ themselves working with you. Provide professional-looking visual examples of your typical customer, your team, and your work environment.

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4. Photos should speak to your ideal customer’s needs.

What does your customer most want from you? Many businesses say they need to appear competent, professional and approachable. Your photographer will know how to create that feel with your profile and business photographs.

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5. Photos, like all your marketing, should make you look professional.

Your choice in marketing tools will make a clear statement about how professional and successful you are. Show that you are both, and get your marketing – including your photos – done professionally. A little, done well, will provide much greater return on investment than a whole lot of rubbish.

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