Quick tips for presenting your best self in photographs


Organised a profile shoot? Here are some easy ways to ensure you look your best:

Wear colour.

Preferably, a colour that works with your skin tone, eyes and hair – this is usually either in the warm or the cool range of colours. If you really want to wear black, try a brightly coloured tie, scarf or piece of jewellery.

Wear make-up.

Ladies, whether or not you usually do, wear make-up for your shoot. Bright studio lights can highlight lines and shadows and wash you out! Try for natural shades but more coverage than you would normally wear during the day.

Highlight your good bits.

Use clothing, accessories, make-up or hairstyles that draw attention to your best features. For example, accentuate curves with a semi-fitted dress.

Downplay your dodgy bits.

Use clothing strategically to draw attention away from or camouflage the parts of your body you are not so happy with. For example, use loud jewellery to draw the eye upwards if you don’t love your hips. Try a scarf if you are worried about your throat or chest area. Wear vertical lines to look longer and slimmer.

Think about posture and position.

Remember that whatever is closest to the camera’s lens appears the biggest, so don’t stand completely side-on as your upper arms will look bigger than they are! (Men might think this is great but women generally don’t.) Stand tall, relax your shoulders, smile big and listen to the photographer’s direction on how to pose.

If you are unsure of what you’re doing, get an expert.

A hair and make-up artist, an image consultant and a professional photographer make a great team! Your brand consultant can assist you to put together your perfect team to represent your best self.

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  1. Great tips to aleviate concerns when in front of the camera!
    Hannah @ hmsass.com