photographer with subject

Recent projects – July update

photographer with subject

In recent projects, the New Work Team has continued to work on building business and personal brands through our most popular personal brand photo shoot packages, which include a suite of branded profile photos reflecting the business owner’s values and personality, as well as ‘at work’ shots showing typical clients, work scenes and locations. These become a great collection of images to fill a website and build a clearly-defined online brand. Take a look at the examples below for Accelerate Women, Garnet Business Services and JDK Legal.

NWC’s director Julissa Shrewsbury last week spoke on a personal branding expert panel along with Rick Hart and other local business owners (image – bottom left).

In other news, Julissa was recently celebrating her first wedding anniversary with a quick trip to Melbourne! How time flies! 

Profile photo woman

Women in meeting

Profile photos and ‘at work’ shots for Phebe Cho from Accelerate Women. With thanks to Aurecon and Cloisters Square for permission to shoot in these great inner-city locations.

Woman’s profile photo

Woman consulting at desk

Similarly, Nadine Rawlings, director of Garnet Business Services and Perth Spending Planners had a recent photo shoot to demonstrate her branding through profile and business photos.

Lawyer meeting with client

Panel speakers

On the personal branding panel with Rick Hart

Melbourne city through window

Through my hotel window at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne

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