Reform Case Study: How photos are being used to build a health and wellness brand


How photos are being used to build a health and wellness brand

When Reform Pilates in Mount Lawley needed a suite of images to help build their new website, their marketing consultant Caroline Shaw asked us to work with them. It was not only a fun experience, but highly educational, hanging out in a fully-kitted-out pilates studio and taking photographs of the teachers and their students in a variety of poses using the equipment and mats. Time had to be taken to ensure the poses were perfect before photographing, as this was very important to the owners, Annemarie and Jo.

Before the shoot even took place, there was much discussion about the brand, the style of images the owners liked, and the message they wanted to portray. Doing my research, I found that a lot of the Australian competitors had visually poor websites, overly relying on stock photos or barely using images at all. As someone who had never set foot in a pilates studio before, but was interested in being proactive about my health, I was the perfect candidate to check out what was out there and share myfirst impressions – I was just like many other Perth women who may be looking for a change but a little apprehensive about trying something new.



What I found was that the lack of personalised, quality images on pilates websites meant it was hard to find a studio that I would feel inspired and comfortable going to. I know these environments are run by professionals with a huge knowledge base, caring nature and gorgeous, peaceful settings BUT I wasn’t shown it when I searched online. At best, a handful of stock photos of people exercising against a floating white background, created in a photographic studio – hardly an idea of context, message or unique brand.



Which makes the girls at Reform very clever to take the time to plan out a comprehensive photo shoot to show off how great they are! We created a variety of team and profile photos, photos of the studio and signage, gorgeous images showing REAL staff at work with REAL clients, and some handy close-up shots that could be used as stock images throughout the website – but with a difference: these stock images wouldn’t be seen anywhere else.

Stay tuned for their new website coming soon at!

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