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“Working with Julissa on my personal brand has given me laser-focus in my business. I know what I offer, but this process made it so much clearer in my head that I now know exactly what to say in my face-to-face business interactions and my digital communications. Within days of starting this process with Julissa, I attracted two new, high-net-worth clients!” – Sarah Fallon, Director, On Point Finance

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“Have just had a call from a colleague. He gave me a big wrap on my article and has sent it to over a dozen clients and contacts…wow…Take a bow J!” – Michael Lewis, Senior Lawyer, Leaker Partners


AISG LOGO[1]“Thank you very much for your stellar work and tactful education. I’ve really enjoyed this whole process and learnt a great deal. Thanks for summarising what we need to do moving forward as well. You’ve also helped us reach potential clients with your large network! All the best in the future and I will definitely be referring people to you.”

“I think we would’ve struggled to get our business off the ground without your assistance.”

– Julian Wasserman & Gerry McIntosh, Directors, Australian Intelligence Services Group

“My strategy session with Julissa this year has been a game changer for my business. We set goals for the number of clients I wanted by the end of this year and the strategies I would use to gain these clients; as well as looking at the clear message I wanted to portray to my clients for what I offer. Having that clarity meant the way I spoke to clients changed and my confidence in selling grew, leading to a 30% growth in my client base in just 2 months. I will definitely be using Julissa more regularly next year to take my business to the next level.” – Glen Dreier, Director, Prestige Fitness

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“Amazing news Julissa! We got the grant!  We have just received a huge boost for WISE! Thank you so much for all of your help and support in getting it up and running!” – Jessica Pietsch & Allison Selman, Women In Subsea Engineering

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“Julissa’s team developed my newsletter for me and I was so thrilled this morning when I woke up to an order that was well over $1000, after a client reading the newsletter that went out last night.  I also had four more bookings for workshops.  The best decision I made was involving NWC in my company’s online presence.” – Rachel Hayes, Director, My Academy

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“Julissa is a talented communicator and creative thinker, with a deep interest and care in the success of her clients. Her efforts to ensure clients actually follow through on agreed business outcomes is remarkable! Bringing her head and heart to business, she combines her warm and kind nature with a highly organised and methodical approach, ensuring outstanding results are achieved by her and those she manages.” – Nick Jerrat, Founder, Publish My Web

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“I worked with Julissa on an in-depth LinkedIn strategy to meet our online marketing needs. Through this process, Julissa was able to create a detailed strategy targeting niche markets that are challenging to find through a simple search. Her thorough research and comprehensive plan, as well as advanced LinkedIn training has helped us to execute our marketing plan to support our business goals. I can recommend Julissa as a highly knowledgable professional in the LinkedIn and personal branding space.” – Ian Brown, Ian Brown Group

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“Julissa presented ‘Building Your Personal Brand In Business’ to HLB Mann Judd clients at an event which was one of the highlights of the firm’s 2017 events calendar. The feedback from the full house of attendees was overwhelmingly positive as Julissa presented important insights and tips on creating and growing your personal brand in the modern business world. Julissa is one of the most knowledgeable experts in this area, presents clearly and thoroughly, and is someone I would highly recommend if you are looking at adding value to your personal brand.” – Richard Calautti, Marketing Manager, HLB Mann Judd

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“Thank you so much for meeting Bill and I yesterday, we both left the meeting very motivated and with more of a clear vision about Fides which we have been struggling with for a very long time.” – Hailey McSharer, Fides Consulting

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