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Rising above the mining crisis: Rebranding YOU

Kalgoorlie mine pit

If the mining crisis has you looking for new opportunities, start with rebranding YOU

As the mining crisis has professionals looking for new business and work opportunities, particularly in the service industries, an important place to start is in building a personal brand that will be noticed among other job seekers.

Melbourne-based career counselor and HR specialist Steven Solodky says “Coming up with a convincing personal brand is flouted as essential to sustaining career momentum.”

So how do you create a stand-out professional identity in this post-mining-boom new world?

Current clients of personal brand consultants are coming from executive-level jobs in the mining industry or are there now, but are planning ahead for an uncertain future. The most common trends include:

1. The birth of start-up consultancies making use of the individual’s expertise and allowing them to create their own work in the future

2. A re-focus on skills gained from roles pre-mining-boom.

To achieve new career success in either of these areas, clients are focusing on building websites with strong branding for their new businesses, or learning how to use LinkedIn more effectively to build their professional image online and grow their networks.

There are definitely some key branding tools, skills and strategies available to help achieve these aims.

Personal brand tools, skills and strategy

Susan Kihn, Mining Talent Expert at CareerMine, suggests taking time to perfect your resume and expand your business networks. “Times are tough, and there is a lot of competition out there, so it’s imperative to be as skilled as possible.”

LinkedIn remains the most powerful tool to build your online profile, expand your networks and attract prospective employers or clients. Many people are familiar with LinkedIn, but are not using it in powerful ways to achieve their goals. There is so much that LinkedIn can do to change your future, but many don’t know where to start, or they are time-poor and need to make it work quickly. Quality LinkedIn training coupled with an individualised personal brand strategy can cut through time and noise very quickly to get results.

New businesses creating an online presence through a website or social media must strive to find their point of difference amongst a crowd of similar services. Working through a brand plan to clearly defining your key messages, services and target market must be the starting point before launching your online presence. 

Re-skilling after the decline of the mining boom includes learning how to use online personal branding tools more effectively. This up-skill, together with a clearly-defined personal brand strategy, will ensure your success in a new world of business.


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