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Showing your point of difference through photographs

What makes you amazing?

Our work for LillyCo Accessories

Our work for LillyCo Accessories

Anyone experienced in business will tell you that a core foundation to business success lies in understanding and communicating your point of difference – your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), or what it is that makes you stand out from the competition as the right choice for your customers.

Since your Point of Difference is so important to communicate (consistently… effectively…), how can you ensure you are doing this not just with your actions and words but with your VISUAL IMAGES too? After all, so much of your message reaches your customer through the visual!

Here are some important steps to ensuring you show your Point of Difference through the photographs you use in your business.

1. Get clear on your Point of Difference.

Get it in one clear, succinct sentence. Boil it down to what your customers love best about you, more than anything else.

2. Test your current photographs and other visuals.

Do your profile and team photos, ‘at work’ or product shots, social media photos, videos and brand design support this Point of Difference? Where are there gaps or problems? If you are unsure, it can help to work with a brand strategist or at least ask your team and best customers.

3. Start with the most important photographs.

If you have limited time and budget and are feeling overwhelmed, start with the most important photographs representing your business – profile and team photos, product and service photos. These, at least, should be professional and strategically planned to project your point of difference and core brand messages.

4. Consider photos that show context.

Your work environment, community environment, your team and your real customers should be used wherever possible in photographs to set you apart from the competition and help your prospects ‘picture’ themselves working with you!