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Sneak peek from e-book on networking strategically

Here’s a sneak peek from my e-book on networking for business…

My first experience was pretty good as far as first networking experiences go. I guess I’d decided I was playing a role – it’s what I tend to do to get through situations where I naturally want to run and hide from shyness! I knew that following my inner urges wasn’t going to do my personal brand or my business any favours in this situation, so I had to be brave and ‘fake it’ til I made it.

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I’ve had a mixed bag of networking experiences since then (and it’s a big bag). Sadly, many networking events seem to attract the ‘wrong’ kind of people – they’re just interested in the hard sell, talking at you not with you, or they are there to pick up more than your business card, if you know what I mean. But more often the ‘wrong’ people are just people who are never going to buy from you, refer you or even remember you – they’re not your target market and you just don’t ‘click’.

So many people I’ve spoken to about networking say that it’s been a total waste of time and money, it’s been painful, and it’s brought them nothing. While I sympathise, I know it isn’t always this way. The key to networking that isn’t a total waste of time and money (or for those who actually enjoy the social aspect, as I sometimes have – networking that isn’t just time out from work to have a nice meal and a chat with someone you’ll never speak to again) is to understand what networking really is, then make careful choices and have a clear networking strategy in place. I’m going to show you what’s worked for me.

From J. Shrewsbury 2014, Extending Your Personal Brand’s Reach: Networking Strategically.

Topics in this e-book:

My first networking experience

The bad and the ugly of networking

The good bits

Understanding networking

How to network strategically

How to choose your networking groups

How to be remembered after the event

Why most meetings are a waste of time and what to do about it

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