Winner CEBA award

Strategy & Schedule for Social Media Success

Winner CEBA award

How do I win marketing awards? It comes down to strategy & schedule.

The keys to staying on the social media radar over the holidays are a clear, simple strategy and a consistent, regular schedule. In fact, these are the deciding factors to your marketing success at any time of the year!

Here’s how you do that.


It’s not enough to randomly post what you’re doing, eating or listening to if you want to use social media effectively as a marketing tool for your business. Neither is it effective to blast everyone with your promotions every single day of the week and never contribute anything else!

To get more clients or customers, you must build a following, interact with others, post relevant, interesting and informative content, build a bank of high-impact photos and video, and be part of the social community. AND you must do all of this consistently: posting often and posting always in line with your (well-defined) brand.

To do this, you need to start with your why in business, and your current business goals. With that defined, you can hone in on key messages, key products/services and target market. This all forms your marketing plan.

This in-depth work must be done BEFORE you develop a social media strategy, to ensure that you don’t waste valuable time and money, innocently posting away and not even making a dent in people’s awareness of/interest in your brand (or worse, actually damaging your brand – it happens all the time!).

Once you are clear on all of that, your strategy should identify major tactics you will use to build brand awareness, build relationships, and eventually build your customer base. Tactics like sharing informative blog posts, linking to fun videos, displaying case studies of your work, posting beautiful images with inspiring messages or cartoons with jokes, taking part in group discussions or starting your own group may be some of the tactics that could work with your brand and business goals.


To stay on people’s social radar, it’s all about consistency and repetition. This is nothing new in marketing, but it’s easy to overlook the power of being there every day when you are busy and pre-occupied!

To make sure I am creating enough content and doing it consistently, I work to a marketing calendar that combines my blogging, social posting, social interaction efforts (e.g. time in LinkedIn or Facebook groups, or time touching base on clients’ social pages) and all other marketing tactics I choose to use.

At the start of the year I do a rough overview of what my content topics, product/service highlights and marketing methods will be, making sure this is in line with my brand and my written-out business goals for that year. Then at the start of each month, I hone in on the detail of what I’ll cover week by week. Each week I write my blog posts, schedule my main social media posts (I use Hoot-suite to help with this), and systematically go through other social marketing tasks I’ve scheduled for that week. On the weeks where I have less time to cover a lot of marketing, I delegate or defer tasks – but at least I know what I’ve covered and what I haven’t.

This schedule then becomes a powerful tool to look back on the busy weeks in terms of enquiries and see how that correlates with my marketing efforts!


Don’t have time to deal with all this now and just need a quick fix to stay on the radar these Christmas holidays?

It’s a short-term, Band-Aid solution, but:

  • Make a list of one-liners you can post, one for each day you’ll be away from the office. Mix them up so you have a variety of fun, funny, visual, informative, linking to content, salesy etc.
  • Where relevant, link each post to a page on your website, to keep your Google rankings up
  • Schedule these posts using Hoot-suite or similar, so that you don’t have to go near social media over Christmas if you don’t want to!
  • Consider boosting posts or doing some social ads if your Christmas budget allows
  • As soon as you can, get back into some regular meaningful time on there, interacting with people, or get a team member to keep an eye on things
  • In the new year: Go back to the start of this article and do a PROPER STRATEGY & SCHEDULE to meet your business goals in the year ahead.


These are some of the areas I work on with my marketing and branding clients, giving them ready-to-use templates and helping them put their plans together for a strategic, scheduled marketing effort. Let me know if I can help you.