Bring It launch speakers

Take-aways from Bring It: A Conversation on Professional Clarity & Confidence

Bring It launch speakers

I recently enjoyed an hour’s conversation with Dr Marny Lishman, lead by Profile Careers’ director Stacey Back, on how clarity, communication and confidence interconnect to empower a professional to ‘bring it’ and be amazing in their space.

I also enjoyed in-depth conversations with many of our guests before, during and after the presentation – most interesting to get insights and specific questions from the great range of professionals represented.

This was a conversation with a difference: while I dived into some of the practicalities of shaping your personal brand for your professional goals, Marny took our thoughts inward to consider how our mind’s subconscious constructs and our limiting beliefs can hold us back in our professional lives. We discussed where our work and experiences with clients intersect, and revealed our Bring It model that demonstrates this.

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When it comes to CLARITY:

  • Marny reinforced the importance of ‘knowing thyself’ and reflecting on what you want and what’s important to you.
  • I described the importance of having clarity around personal brand goals and developing a strategy to define your positioning.


  • Marny reminded us that people aren’t mind readers, so we need to communicate who we are and where we want to go.
  • I reflected on how being ‘seen and heard’ in this information-flooded, busy world means being crystal clear on who you are talking to and the personal brand messages that will resonate with them.
  • We also identified some common fears people have around communicating who they are professionally. This is one I have written and spoken about many times. Common questions I hear include ‘When should I launch my personal brand?’ and ‘What if I appear too self-promotional?’


  • Marny defined imposter syndrome and revealed how common it is among high achievers. She reminded us to remember past successes.
  • I described how I consistently observe clients and workshop participants tangibly growing in confidence as a by-product of working to get clear on who they are in business and the differentiated value they bring to stakeholders.
Julissa Shrewsbury and Dr Marny Lishman

Morning pow wow before Bring It launch

As I expected would happen, we ran out of time to address everyone’s questions, including some we had noted earlier, such as:

  • What do you do when people get ‘judgy’ of your efforts to demonstrate your expertise and value?
  • How do we stop ourselves from comparing ourselves with others and just ‘keep our eyes on our own paper’?
  • How do we boost confidence when inevitable setbacks occur, mistakes are made or we’re not getting the positive feedback we hoped for?

An hour or two just skims the surface, so I’m really looking forward to the launch of the Bring It Program, with the first half-day seminar kicking off in January 2019. As we discussed at last night’s event, this is an opportunity to do the work on who you are as a professional, consultant or business owner, in an intensive, practical workshop in an intimate setting. It’s also a chance to address questions and topics like those above.

I love the combination of looking at our inner and outer worlds when working on our personal brands and professional development,and the feedback I witnessed was that people appreciate this fresh and very human approach!

Thank you to all our guests who engaged so openly in conversation, and as always, flawless event organisation and hosting by the HLB Mann Judd Perth team – very big thanks to Kirsten Stewart and Richard Calautti and their supporting team on the evening.

Comments from the audience:

“Through their ongoing program, the speakers highlight the importance of developing professional confidence and authority and provided a number of communication tips for professionals. It was an honour to host this launch event for the Bring It team and showcase the valuable work they do to a wider audience.”

(Kirstin Stewart, Partner at HLB Mann Judd)

“Great event. I found it very valuable and the Bring It model helps to reveal our gaps to allow us to be the best we can with our personal and professional lives.”

(Brad Dunn, Key Relationships Manager at Momentum Wealth)

“We can get so caught up in the busyness of work that we don’t check in with ourselves, or spend the time clarifying our purpose so we can bring the best authentic versions of ourselves to what we do. I am really pleased I invested in some ‘me’ time tonight and very happy I spent it being inspired by amazing professional women who know how to ‘Bring it’!”

(Jemma Green, Chief Innovation Officer at City of Canning)

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