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NWC’s Team Professional Confidence Package:

A time-efficient, practical, motivating series of 3 team workshops + 3 team check-ins.

Available in-person or online.

Team Pro Confidence Package 2022

Set a foundation your team can run with.

Download the PDF:

Team Pro Confidence Package 2022

From Julissa:

Excited to bring together my most requested workshops in the areas of personal branding, LinkedIn, networking, thought leadership and business communication in one accessible format to kick off personal, team and business growth, setting plans you can run with.


“I discovered the pathway to develop my personal brand.”

– Workshop participant, AIM WA

Some great places to start:

Try the Trust Map

If you are new to our work, the best place to start is a needs discovery conversation. We’ll take you through NWC’s Trust Map exercise to see where your staff sit and to reveal possible needs, and we’ll explain our Brand Culture Framework as it applies to you.

Have us run a Personal Brand Awareness Session

Another great starting point is a Personal Brand Awareness Session for your team, which addresses staff members’ question: ‘What’s in it for me?’ and includes a team feedback component to pinpoint gaps in your Brand Culture, as they see it.

As with all our services, our exploratory sessions are available in-person and online. Some organisations are eligible for a complimentary session – to find out more, contact us to schedule a chat with Julissa.

MORE workshop feedback

“Easy to use points that I can incorporate into my work life.”

“Thought-provoking points on networking in regards to branding.”

“A valuable outcome for me was being able to understand what personal branding can do for your career or business, through online platforms.”

– Workshop Participants at AIM WA –