People discussing at meeting

The power of planned positioning – Part 1

People discussing at meeting

In a recent workshop with a client, we were discussing the need to introduce yourself or your idea in a way that speaks to your particular audience. Using ‘their speak’ is vital if you want your message to resonate and your goal for the exchange to be achieved.

For example, if you are pitching an idea or program to the board or to someone in your leadership team, you need to use language that resonates with them. Maybe they are talking governance, corporate social responsibility, corporate entrepreneurship, tech disruption or equality. What are their top concerns right now? How do you fit in with this picture?

Similarly, in a networking situation or meeting with a prospect, when asked what do you do, you may need to frame it in a way that the listener sees you as a specialist advisor who can help them. For the client I mentioned above, this meant saying ‘We’re advisors on corporate security policy’ not ‘We’re in security’. These two descriptions create very different pictures – one as corporate consultants and one as security guards!

Framing it right from the start will ensure people: 1) engage, and 2) hear what you want them to. And if you are genuinely an expert in your field, positioning yourself that way is a must… and will get easier with practice!

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I will provide more examples from clients on the power of great positioning – comparing what they were saying before to what they are saying now!