These days people are going professional on Facebook… so you better keep up!

One of our clients who does Facebook well

A while back we were asked to comment in a Sunday Times article about the trend to go professional with your profile photo on Facebook. Whether you run a business, are planning your next career move or are working on your personal brand, your profile photo is an important consideration as it says a lot about you.

Likewise, other images you use on Facebook in a work context should be chosen with care, not only to ensure you are projecting the right ‘image’, but in order to be truly competitive on a social media site already flooded with visual information.

If you keep people interested with creative, surprising, engaging and even humorous visuals, it will be a reason for them to share your stuff, and to keep coming back!


As Facebook (and other social media sites) are an extension of your website, you must consider how the visual and written messages are helping or hindering your brand. People needing a little more info about who you REALLY are will head to Facebook – and to a large extent you CAN control what they see there. 

Here are some examples of brands doing the Facebook thing really well

  • Rosendorffs – they use professional studio images of their high-end jewellery, even on Facebook
  • Seth Godin – uses really simple but creative profile photos – his head is part of his iconic personal brand!
  • Suncorp Bank – have done a great job of using iconic locations and beautiful stock imagery to give their bank a soul
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