Speaker with audience

Tips from Your Personal Brand for Business Success Workshop

Speaker with audience

At our last info-packed workshop with Alba Gomez Image Consultancy, Your Personal Brand for Business Success, we covered the following outcomes with our participants:

  • Why creating a clear personal brand strategy is so important in today’s market
  • Elements of a powerful personal brand strategy
  • Why first impressions count and how to enhance the way you look and be memorable for the right reasons!
  • How to use photos & other tools to build a powerful personal brand online
  • How to get maximum ROI from your photo shoot
  • Take-away tools you can implement today

Here are some of the top tips we shared.

Alba personal brand workshop

  • Your brand is everything that makes up WHO you are, WHAT you do and HOW you do it, and includes in person, in print and online material
  • Your brand is out there… whether you know it or not!
  • Take time out to research yourself and explore how strategic your online personal brand is (our participants took a quiz to find out!)
  • There are wrong and right ways to use your body language to make a first impression
  • Colours have psychological meaning and affect how people relate to you
  • Clear purpose, values and ‘rules to live by’ form the foundations of your personal brand – everybody can see these aspects of who you are!
  • Why pay attention to the images and words making up your personal brand? Because these days first impressions are often formed online!
  • Personal connection online is key – and this happens through the words and images you publish
  • Don’t forget social media posts, groups and privacy settings as they have a huge impact on your personal brand

Missed out last time?

This high-energy, hands-on workshop is happening again in Perth on October 29. But be quick to book as places are limited and we sell out fast!