Perth city & river

Top take-away points from AMI’s Perth Conference – Social Media Landscapes

Perth city & river

On Tuesday I attended the Australian Marketing Institute’s Perth conference, Marketing 2014 and Onwards: Consensus and Collaboration. It was great to be among other marketing professionals to share ideas and hear from some top speakers in the industry.

In the introductory session, Social Media Landscapes, Haystac’s Head of Digital and Social Media, Marcus Betschel spoke about the key areas to focus on for successful marketing today. In a short time the landscape has changed so much, with important understandings to keep in mind. 

Today’s marketing – what you need to focus on for success:

  • Most businesses use a combination of what Marcus calls Paid, Owned and Earned marketing tactics. ‘Paid’ includes things like advertising, ‘Owned’ could be your website or storefront, and ‘Earned’ is about fans and followers and includes things like word-of-mouth, media attention and social media. Your focus needs to be on SOCIAL, EARNED strategies for best ROI (such as fans commenting on social media)
  • When using social media strategies, it is NOT JUST ABOUT REACH, but about how engaged your audience is with your content. You might reach more people with a magazine ad but a highly targeted social media campaign can get you a lot more sales
  • PR has changed – now we are looking for blogger attention not just news journalists’. It’s about fewer people and better relationships
  • Most used social media sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google +
  • Integration is the key to successful marketing, i.e. consistent campaigns across marketing efforts. Extend the brand experience in a variety of ways and give people a reason to return to your web pages
  • You must use paid promotions if you want a good-sized audience on social media (and those that look like posts are better than those that just look like an ad)
  • BUT you should combine paid promotions with conversations with your fans

Happy marketing!

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