Two Feet & a Heartbeat Case Study Part 1

Part 1 Demonstrating tours on offer

Our three-month project with Two Feet and a Heartbeat, Perth tour company


In this three-part case study, I’ll be discussing our work with Two Feet & a Heartbeat, a company running walking tours out of Perth and Sydney. Directors Ryan Mossny and Ryan Zaknich came to us to update their suite of images for their website, Facebook page and other marketing. We decided to work on a 3 month contract, allowing time to really dig deep into the business and produce a wide range of images that would stretch their marketing for a long time to come. It also meant a BIG saving for the business, as they were taking advantage of a new offering by New Work Photography in fixed fees for ongoing monthly clients.

Our ongoing monthly clients can use this service for any of their photography needs, from profile photosproduct photography and ‘at work’ shots, to event photography and stock images. Among our photo shoots for Two Feet, we covered a tour of Fremantle for international students, a bar tour of Perth, and a whisky tour and progressive dinner, events organised by Two Feet for the EatDrinkPerth festival.

In our first creative consultation, we started by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the imagery already being used by Two Feet. In particular, the website and social media posts were creative and original, but the images didn’t always do the rest of the content justice – poorly exposed shots taken with a phone, with a wide angle of view, gave only a small indication of what the tours were like and didn’t evoke much feeling, which was important for viewers’ buying decisions. Along with the business owners, we identified the need for professional and creative shots of tour participants engaged in activities, of the tour guides in action, and of features of Perth city and the bars on the popular bar tour, that could be used as stock imagery across the website.

Demonstrating tour offerings

The most important thing to showcase for Two Feet was the range of tour offerings, with real people of a mixed demographic enjoying the tours. As mentioned, the website currently held ‘happy snaps’ which did not always contain a clear focus or evoke a mood to encourage customers to buy, and in some cases, real images of particular service offerings were missing, replaced with generic shots of Perth.

On tour we captured some of the different activities customers could expect to participate in across Perth and Fremantle, with close-ups of people engaged in these activities – such as exploring a historical exhibition, listening to a talk on types of whisky, or chatting over food at the table.





One stumbling block we had was in trying to capture people at ease and having fun – while they were indeed enjoying themselves, having a camera hovering close by made most tour guests self-conscious, and this was reflected in their uneasy facial expressions – no good for marketing shots! So the decision was made to set up a ‘staged’ tour, so that the photographer could take time to pose participants and instruct them on what was needed, while participants would feel at ease, knowing what was required of them. This helped with having sufficient time to set up lighting and creative shots too.

Thanks to the City of Fremantle, Varnish on King, The Butterworth, and other Perth venues on tour. 

To follow…

Part 2 Creating unique stock shots of Perth city and its bars

Part 3 Bringing the team to life online

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