Two Feet & a Heartbeat Case Study Part 2

Part 2 Creating unique stock shots of Perth city and its bars

See Part 1 for more on our three-month project with Two Feet and a Heartbeat, Perth tour company


Part of the appeal of Two Feet’s offerings is the chance for participants to walk the city and discover its hidden gems. The tour guides are given the freedom to set the pace and direction of their tour according to what they are inspired to share, meaning that no two tours are exactly the same. While on tour, I learned about the uncovering and preservation of cobblestones in the alleyway off Howard Street, and discovered some old artwork on the side of a building down another very narrow alley I’d never noticed, between two skyscrapers.

Of course, among the hidden gems most enjoyable to discover are the offerings at Perth’s small bars! Bar tenders who can rattle off the history of whisky or who can whip up a creation you’ve never seen before… cosy nooks underground or behind walls that you’d only have walked past, oblivious to… a cluster of small bars tucked away in a courtyard and splashed with constantly changing street art…

So there was a lot that could be represented photographically! Just a handful of images could give Two Feet’s audience a ‘teaser’ into new worlds waiting to be discovered. I had free reign as I wondered around the city, looking for new ways to represent the familiar, or just looking for new things I hadn’t noticed before that maybe other people hadn’t either. And of course, wandering into some of the bars featured on the tours to snap little tasters of what people could expect…




In this way, providing a collection of original ‘stock’ photos of our city gave Two Feet a relevant and creative edge, demonstrating some of the delights to be had in Perth, while enticing people to find out more.

Thanks to Stables Bar, Canton Lounge, Venn Bar, The Cheeky Sparrow, Bar de Halcyon and other delightful Perth spots on tour.

To follow…

Part 3 Bringing the team to life online

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