lecturer and students

UWA ECOMS Lecture – Your Personal Brand & LinkedIn

Lecture hall

Lecture on personal brands and LinkedIn for UWA ECOMS students

Lecture for The University of Western Australia’s Economics & Commerce students, May 2017

The topic ‘Your Personal Brand and the importance of LinkedIn’ covered:

•       What is a personal brand?

•       Why, as a professional, will you need one?

•       What makes up a personal brand?

•       Why is LinkedIn so powerful for your career?

•       How to look GOOD and impress, in person and online

•       How to ensure your LinkedIn profile stands out and is attractive to employers

•       Why a brilliant bio and LinkedIn strategy are essential for professionals

“Feedback from students suggested that your presentation was incredibly insightful and generally helpful – exactly what we aimed to achieve out of the event. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge! “ – Matthew, UWA ECOMS committee

“I really appreciated the presentation you delivered last week; I found it hugely insightful and took away some fantastic tips on how I can develop my LinkedIn profile and expand my networks.” – Lucy Moyle, Women in Business Program Director at Economics and Commerce Student Society (ECOMS UWA) Inc. 

lecturer and students