Brand workshop Perth

Visual Brand BOOST Session 1

Brand workshop Perth

Join Julissa for coffee and ONE POWER HOUR to boost your visual brand!

Bring your laptop/tablet and marketing materials (whatever you have!) and work with Julissa in a small group setting for just one hour of intense work to boost your business or personal brand. 

You will achieve:

  • A comprehensive self-assessment, guided by Julissa, on the visuals (photographs, video or design elements) you are currently using to promote your brand. A personal check of where you’re at!
  • Clarity on your brand’s key messages to attract the right target market
  • A creative plan to keep, fuelled by Julissa’s ideas and examples – develop a personalised, powerful visual strategy for your brand

In ONE HOUR you can make a whole lot of difference to the effectiveness of your business or personal brand.

 Due to our busy schedule our workshops are now available for private bookings only.

Get a group of 4 or more together and



Who is Julissa?

Perth’s personal brand photographer and consultant Julissa Shrewsbury is founder and director of New Work Consulting, a multi-award winning creative agency specialising in brand strategy, image training and photography for business and personal brands. Julissa regularly consults, writes and speaks on topics such as personal branding and how to use words and images for a high-impact online brand. Published both in digital and print forms, Julissa’s articles have appeared in various business magazines, as well as in her popular newsletter, News in Brand Strategy, and her blog

Julissa does not believe in high-pressure sales pitches, but she does believe in awesome value and the powerful work she does with clients. You will NOT be pressured to book further work with her, you’ll just LEARN A LOT and BE INSPIRED.

About Julissa’s work

Why clients love her

I have had some real learning moments in my journey and would love to share them with you over a cuppa. You may be able to use them in your branding as “please let me help you avoid these mistakes”…. Because I didn’t take all of your advice and now have learned you were spot-on. – Kath

Get your group of 4 or more together and book your


$75 + GST pp includes workshop and digital tools


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