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Want more sales? Create content to be shared

The best way to acquire new sales is through word of mouth, or more likely – as the popular saying goes – word of mouse! Great online content that is remarkable, helpful, entertaining, regular and brand-consistent will mean your stuff will be shared by others – and these recommendations will bring new customers to your door.

Here, marketing experts in the hospitality industry share their tips on creating content on your website, blog, social media and email marketing that will encourage people to share – and these tips work no matter what your industry.

Catering closeup of food

Making your content ‘Tweetable’

“The greatest value in social media comes from followers sharing and re-Tweeting. Yet you need to frame updates, posts, polls, or questions carefully to encourage sharing.”

Take more than one angle when posting something on Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites, testing to see which gets the best reaction. Vary the time of day too, as well as who else you link to within your posts (if relevant). There are many variables and the general recommendation is to mix it up and see what works – over time you should see some patterns for your niche.

‘Word of mouse’ the big money spinner

In the online age word of mouth has become ‘word of mouse’! To leverage the wonderful things people are saying about your business, you must make the most of social media.

“A social media campaign for a hotel is like word of mouth on steroids. The real measure of ROI for a hotel is how many of its guests are sharing information about the hotel to their friends. Why? Because word of mouth is the biggest source of direct revenue for a hotel and social media is how you can impact that.”

Martin Soler, ‘When social media for hotels works’

Keep up with what people want right now

Samantha Sankman of Skift recommends keeping ‘current, popular and active’ to engage your audience.

This means having your finger on the pulse of what people are talking about today. One way to do this is by scheduling regular time to browse forums and social media sites on your target market’s areas of interest in relation to what you offer. Twitter makes this easy through alerting you to ‘what is trending’ at the moment.

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