Screenshot Prestige Fitness website

Websites with WOW home page banners attract customers faster

As part of their photo shoot, my clients often ask me to create images with wow factor that they can use on the home page banner of their blog, website or social media page.

A personalised, high-impact banner image has become a major trend in digital marketing. It’s so powerful because it gives a clear message about your brand in seconds, setting you apart from your competition by showing what’s interesting about you.

A big bold image goes a long way to catching people’s eye and helping them connect with your brand. This is important because it will be a major deciding factor in whether or not that person who’s just landed on your page will choose to work with you.

But it’s easier to show what I mean. Here are some of our clients who are doing the WOW home page banner really well.

Recruitment agency Mango Group

Screenshot Mango Group website

Business coach Marnie LeFevre

Marnie LeFevre website screenshot

Homeloans franchise Aussie

Aussie website screenshot

Life coach Gill Barralet

Gill Barralet website screenshot

Personal trainer Prestige Fitness

Screenshot Prestige Fitness website

I’ve purposely chosen some small businesses and individual consultants in the mix, to show what can be done by the small business owner. Remember, people these days expect more when they purchase – they want to work with people who stand for something and can relate to them personally. Your home page banner will give visual cues to help them make the decision that working with you would be the perfect fit for them.