What types of images to use to build your brand


Get your photographer onto creating some of these images for you, and you will have one very happy marketing department!

Consider how having brand-specific, tailored stock photos exclusive to your business could increase engagement (and therefore reach) in social media and mail-outs, perhaps in one of these areas:

“Lifestyle” Images

Elements that suggest a luxurious, fun life e.g. boat, feet in sand, wine glass, restaurant/café scene, pets, romance, travel

“Business Success” Images

Could include corporate, money images, service images, office scenes

“Artsy” Images

Could include foodie, art materials, fashion, cute things

“Wellbeing” Images

Elements of nature, yoga or sports, health service scenes, healthy foods, day spa/relaxation scenes

“Aussie” Images

Landscapes, icons, people, beach/outdoor/sport lifestyle

It’s just about choosing content that helps build the picture of your brand – what you want your customers to imagine experiencing when they buy from you.

Then it’s time to get creative! The great thing about choosing professional photography is that the hard work is done for you, but also you’ll have images that are not just great for social media and email marketing campaigns, but good enough to use on your website, prospectus and presentations too.

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