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What’s the big deal about Disruptive Marketing?

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You may have heard the term, ‘Disruptive Marketing’ going around recently. As mentioned in Marketing School’s informative article, disruptive marketing is more a business model than a marketing tactic – and it has important implications for both your products/services and your promotion strategy.

Basically, the idea is that in today’s extremely challenging market, the only way to get your consumer’s attention is to ‘disrupt’ the norm by finding a unique way to give them what they want. This could be by developing a new project/service or changing an existing one to better suit the needs of today’s consumer… then finding a way to communicate your offerings by challenging the normal way of seeing things in your existing market, or talking to a new one.

So as we head towards 2016, how are you going to re-energize your business and offer your customers EXACTLY what they want, the way they want it? In a swiftly shifting marketplace and a challenging economy, this is some serious food for thought.

I’m off to do some brainstorming…

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