two ladies coffee meeting

What’s your (personal brand) flavour?

two ladies coffee meeting

I’ve noticed a trend in particular ‘flavours’ of personal branding that are experiencing success in the online space. Take a look at these and choose your flavour!

Quirky and fun

  • Humour is important in how you view life and connect with people
  • You’re not scared to include bloopers in your videos or funny photos in your blog posts
  • You believe in being human first and a business person second
  • Your friends would describe you as a little bit goofy

Check out a pioneering personal brand strategist and her brand, Marie Forleo

Elegant and sophisticated

  • You wear pearls, not costume jewellery
  • Your clothing is classic and your hair is always done
  • You like quality and timelessness in your surroundings
  • Your language and tone of voice are cultured, intelligent, smooth and quietly confident

Have a look at Christina Guidotti’s personal brand or Janine Garner’s

In-your-face truth bomber

  • Swearing is part of your language and everyone can just deal with it
  • You know your stuff and your confident in telling it like it is
  • You have tattoos, an edgy hairdo or a rock clothing look
  • Your clients respond well to a boot camp training style

Erika Napoletano is a perfect example of this tough-talking personal brand style

Y-Gen Wonder

  • You have the classic characteristics of the Y-Generation: tech-savvy, confident and bold, want it all now and believe it’s possible
  • You think of yourself as an entrepreneur building ideas and investments, not building a traditional career, and you want your lifestyle to reflect this
  • You are educated (formally or otherwise) and smart
  • You’re an ideas wo/man who is already experiencing success that sets you apart

Check out young millionaire Jack Delosa

Brainy Philosopher

  • Your ideas are decidedly out of the box
  • You are a quick-minded and deep-thinking, and the ideas and insights fly fast
  • You love to learn and share knowledge
  • You are, or are likely to become, a thought-leader

Think Seth Godin

Soul sista/brother

  • Living a centred, spiritual life that is in line with big beliefs and values is at the core of everything you do
  • You have daily practices in place to connect with yourself and the universe and invite abundance, wisdom and peace
  • You are confident in a spiritual approach to life and work, and have a deep desire to share this with others to help them achieve their own dream life
  • Life’s beauty, self-care, ritual and affirmation are important ideas to you

You will love zen queens Gabby Bernstein and Danielle LaPorte

In creating your own personal brand online for your business or career, remember the three golden rules: originality, authenticity and definition. Take inspiration from these or other successful personal brands but go deep and define what is unique and important about you and the work you do.

Feel free to share your personal brand with us! Leave a link or comment below.

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