What’s your professional confidence weak spot?


This week, in preparation for our upcoming event ‘Bring It: A conversation about professional clarity and confidence’, Dr Marny Lishman and I have been reflecting on the importance of confidence in your professional life.

I’ve been sharing how working on your personal brand leads to confidence, and Marny has been addressing some very common phenomena among professionals, like imposter syndrome.

In response to some of this content, one of my clients, Dale, added his insights into what working on your personal brand does for your confidence. He said that exploring and positioning the value he has to offer made him realise how he’d been previously underselling himself.

It’s been my experience that no matter how successful and accomplished you are (like Dale), or how senior in your role, or how knowledgeable, everyone has a confidence ‘weak spot’. One professional may be an amazing public speaker but struggle with written communication. Another may be brilliant one-to-one but clam up in a large group situation.

So what is your professional confidence weak spot?

Whether it’s something you can pinpoint about your skill set, work history, education, experience or knowledge… or whether it’s just a general feeling that you aren’t quite ‘enough’, it’s worth digging deeper to see how your weakness doesn’t have to hold you back and may even be turned into a strength.

Really looking forward to getting into these kinds of conversations in the Bring It workshop series from January, following the launch in November.

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