When REAL LIFE photos are better than stock images

Ok I will loosely use the term ‘real life’ here. By real life I still mean professional (because if the images on your business website don’t look professional then the only reason they could be there is to help out your competition!). Real life can also mean ‘life-like’ or constructed. But while these images may well be set up to serve your purposes, real life images are taken just for you and incorporate REAL aspects of YOUR business.


Our work for Get Coached

Of course if you are selling products online or promoting a fashion label then the images have to be accurate representations of the real thing. While stock images can be used in other ways – to add a visual element to information, for example – they often are nowhere near as effective as using photos of your actual business at work.

Customers want to connect with something real. We’ve all seen the same stock images floating around various corporate, health and beauty websites, for example, that have become so commonplace that we instantly disconnect from them. So the purpose for which they were put there to begin with – to engage – has not been achieved!


Our work for Commara


Our work for Allwest Uniforms

Wouldn’t it be better to see photos of real team members engaging with clients? Or images of ingredients/components particular to your products? Or photos of the various locations/projects/stores/offices in which your staff work?

If these are done well (read: professionally!) they add value to your website and other marketing initiatives on a whole new level.

And I don’t mind bragging… we are proud of our work with clients where we:

  • organise a range of photo setups to demonstrate their products and services and really tap into their brand
  • arrange local talent to help blend with staff members for natural looking shots
  • provide tips and direction to staff members to help them relax and enjoy their shoot
  • and all within great-value packages that often beat the price of decent stock photography.

Just look at our examples!

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