WHERE to use photos to build your brand and skyrocket your visibility online

High-impact photographs on your blog or website and attached to your social media posts will get significantly more attention in the market.

Look at these facts:

  • 77% of the posts shared by businesses were photos
  • Photos are the most viral post type on Facebook
  • Return on Engagement (ROE) is the new Return on Investment (ROI). Since engagement correlates with reach, it can ultimately translate into higher click through rates, conversion rates, and more paying customers

(Source: Social Bakers, http://www.socialbakers.com/blog/1295-10-social-marketing-facts-of-2012)

This means you should be making a conscious effort to increase the amount of high-quality, creative images in your social media for maximum engagement, with relevant links to encourage customers to buy from you.

Where to put these engaging images:

  • On every blog post
  • On your website
  • On your print marketing materials e.g. brochures, flyers, posters, prospectus
  • In your newsletter and email promotions
  • On Facebook – as albums and posts linking back to your website
  • On Pinterest
  • On Instagram
  • On Google Plus – in the photo or posts section
  • On Twitter – you can do this now in posts, also your profile page
  • On Linked In – company page and/or personal page and individual posts to all or in group discussions
  • On competitions
  • In media releases
  • As part of telling your story – e.g. during presentations or networking

If this sounds overwhelming, it’s worth enquiring about how a photographer and marketing or social media expert can help you. You’d be surprised at the value-for-money packages out there to get you a big bank of high-quality, personalised images that will do justice to your brand and get you more reach and more engagement – fast.

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