Why are there photos on your website?

It may sound like a ridiculous question but it’s one I find myself muttering when I see websites with photos that don’t do anything good for the business.

So often photos are included on websites that only:

  • misrepresent the brand or philosophy
  • don’t reflect the culture of the targeted area/market
  • fail to inspire – i.e. BORING, weak, low-impact
  • fail to show products clearly and in a favourable light
  • do not give real life examples of the business at work
  • use horrible profile photos that don’t inspire confidence in the person pictured
  • imply a lack of attention to detail and a lack of quality
  • just look cheesy and sales-pitchy

So why are there photos on your website? Presumably they’re there to:

  • Create interest
  • Match and enhance the words
  • Provide strong examples
  • Improve your SEO
  • Build a brand
  • Make your website look pretty (don’t underestimate what this does in people’s brains)

These are just the essentials. Then you may also be using photos to:

  • Show how you are different
  • Show who you are as people
  • Create an online gallery or shop and sell products

If you boil it all down to one thing, the photos are there to:

  • Make people buy

Think about what you want the photos to do versus what they might actually be doing.

Now think about how clever buyers are (aren’t you a discerning buyer?) and how much first impressions count. And where they’re going for their first impression.

So I ask the question again: Why are there photos on YOUR website?

The answer is: if they’re not great shots, they are there to help your competition.

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