Book by Ben Angel next to laptop

Why Ben Angel’s personal brand ROCKS

No doubt about it, Ben Angel’s brand is OUT THERE. His books can be found online and in bookstores (I loved reading Flee 9-5: Get 6 Figures and Do What You Love), he’s known for his high-fee speaking and consulting, and his email campaigns fill your inbox with top quality content.

Yup, he’s a guy with a rock-solid personal brand.

Book by Ben Angel next to laptop

What are some highlights of Ben’s rockin’ brand and how can we get a piece of THAT? 



Ben uses his past experience in PR and his work with big names to let people know why they should work with him. It’s everywhere, you can’t miss it.

He has also personally tried a variety of marketing techniques such as email campaigns and Facebook adverstising to build his own business, and gives you in-depth tips on the strategies that work best.

…What’s your background stuff that adds credibility… and have you planted it everywhere?


He presents his content in A VARIETY OF FORMS 

Whether you love a short and snappy email giving you a weekly dose of business wisdom, an in-depth programme with exercises and templates, or snazzy videos loaded with tips… Ben’s got it for you. By presenting his content in a variety of ways he not only appeals to the needs of time-poor customers with different learning styles, but he practices what he preaches: package your expertise up and use and re-use your content to leverage what you’ve got.

…How can you re-purpose or re-package your quality content?


He uses SNAPPY (and sometimes CHEEKY) photos to GET YOUR ATTENTION

Ben’s been known to do some cheeky photo shoots to gain attention, but these are perfectly aligned with his branding – the words accompanying the shots explain the context beautifully, such as in his e-book, Sleeping Your Way to the Top in Business: The ultimate guide to attracting and seducing more customers, which features a hot pink bra on the cover. He’s even done a ‘naked’ photo shoot, and one of these photos grabs your attention on his websites’ home page banner spread.

…So the naked photo shoot might not work for you… but what can you incorporate in your images to gain attention?

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