Why good photos of your event are so important


What the clients say…

The business event:

“At Networking WA, we consider having a professional photographer onsite to be a crucial part our events. Not only does it give the events a more professional feel, it also makes for great networking opportunities for the individuals in the photos. Having these photos has also proved to be hugely successful for our post-event success, as attendees access their photos via our website and/or social media outlets.” – Adriana, Networking WA

The private event:

“The result has really shown the benefit of having a professional take the photos. All the other photos taken by family & friends are missing the edge that comes with these photos.  Thank you for the memories you have provided – an experience that the family is still talking about!” – Paul’s feedback on our coverage of his in-laws’ wedding anniversary picnic.


What the pros say…


The event planner:

Jeremy Norman from Congruent Creative Workshop, in an interview with Photoshelter, says “We’re very big on creating moments in the events – different opportunities for exciting photographs.” The event planner explains that if you’re going to spend a lot of money on creating a fantastic event you should record it well, whether to capture memories or showcase your business. Read the interview

The marketing consultant:

‘The goal of any event or trade show is to attract people to teach them about your product and service and hopefully turn them into customers.’ Rachel Sprung for Social Media Examiner, looking at Instagram to market businesses and events, points out the need to provide a visual to get people interested in your event. She gives ideas on how to use your event photos for future events: before the event – to create interest and bookings, and during the event – to increase engagement. Of course, you can then use the current event’s photos to extend engagement with your brand after the event and promote future events. Read the article


The photographer:

(That’s me!) Professional event photos aren’t just a record of your event; they can become a powerful marketing tool too. My clients use their event photos:

  • on their websites and brochures
  • in newsletters and social media campaigns
  • for media releases
  • as gifts for clients or rewards for staff

Event photography can highlight an important part of the business such as awards and celebratory times, or it can showcase what an event coordinator can do through providing beautiful visual examples of their work. My private clients sometimes like to combine natural looking family photos with the photography of a special family event.


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