woman closeup in red

Why Marie Forleo’s brand ROCKS

woman closeup in red

It’s not just her gorgeous smile or her stylish outfits…

Marie Forleo’s brand ROCKS. She was a pioneer in online personal branding and is now a key influencer on social media, spreading her message about living a passionate life and building an awesome business for yourself.

What are some highlights of Marie’s rockin’ brand and how can we get a piece of THAT?

She spreads LOVE

Her message is all about affirming yourself and she supports you by making you feel so good the moment you visit her website. Her first message is ‘You deserve a business and life you love!’

What are some ways you can LOVE your customer, in keeping with your own brand? Feeling special and looked after is a key part of the buying process and ensures loyal customers.

She gets REAL

Reading her blog and watching her videos, you feel like you’re having coffee with a close friend. Marie is approachable, straight-talking, kind and funny. She has identified what’s great about her personality and lets it take centre stage. Furthermore, she comes across as honest and passionate about her wish to help you by sharing her knowledge and personal experiences.

How can you let in more of your own personality and personal story, while still maintaining your professionalism and focus on your area of expertise? How can you be more authentic and clear in your message to your target market?

She teams up with the BIG GUNS

Oprah, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson… Marie has met some BIG players and she lets the world know about it. She also regularly invites influencers in varying fields such as psychology, health and wellness, and business and marketing to interview with her, curating great information for her viewers. 

Who can you align with to up your credibility, content and reach?

If you haven’t already, go on over to Marie’s website and check it out. You will be blown away at her ability to tap into business owners’ key hurts, providing fresh solutions and sound advice, all while creating a fun and uplifting experience for her readers and leaving them wanting to work with her.