Why should I care? Employees and LinkedIn


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I often hear managing directors and partners say that they understand the value of LinkedIn, but can’t get their staff to care. This to me is about finding out what employees’ own goals are, and demonstrating how LinkedIn can help achieve these.

LinkedIn is not just for those who want to be head-hunted, but for those who have some serious KPIs to reach or just want to grow within their current position. For staff members who care about their job, LinkedIn can help them focus and work towards their professional goals.

For example, many employees need to:

  • Attract new clients
  • Keep a good relationship with their existing client base
  • Demonstrate their professional knowledge
  • Grow their professional knowledge
  • Build stronger networks of influential contacts (such as a solid referral base)
  • Leverage their time spent at meetings and business networking functions
  • Follow and predict trends in the market and consumer behaviour
  • Study and understand consumer language and needs

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to support any of these goals.

Using powerful and compelling examples of how LinkedIn can help an individual at work is a great way to raise awareness and enthusiasm for LinkedIn among staff members. That’s why many choose to get a specialist in to present an educational session for staff, before continuing with some in-depth training. A facilitator who can demonstrate the power of LinkedIn to reach personal professional goals and elevate a profile will then be well-received in assisting staff with their own individual profiles and strategies for using LinkedIn.

A common stumbling block is that team members don’t have much time for LinkedIn. For accountants and lawyers, units of time spent on client work are carefully recorded and prioritised. There’s not much time left for hanging around on LinkedIn! That’s why a focused strategy, making the most of just a few of LinkedIn’s tools to achieve the individual’s particular goals, becomes essential. As well, there are some clever little tricks you can do with LinkedIn on your phone to elevate your profile and build your networks, all while you are standing in the supermarket queue.

There are some clever little tricks you can do with LinkedIn on your phone to elevate your profile and build your networks, all while you are standing in the supermarket queue.

For employees who may not be particularly interested in promoting the company brand, it’s worth pointing out that it’s not just about how their own online behavior reflects on the company, but how the company’s brand can build their own personal professional image. Endorsing the company you work for, be it through writing professional articles for them or liking and sharing their social posts, helps your audience build an understanding of you as a professional and increases your network’s awareness of what you can offer them through the company you work with.

Finally, it’s important that your team is aware that their personal brands are out there, whether they are managing them or not. Knowing what your profile photo (or lack of), your profile content and your social media interactions say about you is very important in this digital age.

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