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Why something Jack Delosa said holds the key to marketing’s future

I recently attended The Entourage’s Perth Unconvention for entrepreneurs. Jack Delosa is its founder and one of Australia’s most successful young business people. The Unconvention was a high-energy, information-rich day of learning from some of our top business names.

Jack’s message throughout the day – and written in bold letters at the top of the notepads that were handed out for our note-taking – was as follows:

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“Be you, unapologetically.”

Jack was speaking generally about being true to yourself. But why does his statement hold the key to marketing’s future?

Buyer behaviour has changed. People expect to seek you out and ask questions of you when they need you. They don’t want your sales spiel shoved down their throats. THEY will seek YOU out.

This means that your information online – and this includes the visual, the written, the social – has to stand out, make the right impression and speak to your buyer as an individual.

The way to do that? BE an individual.

The oldest sales rule in the book is the one most often ignored, but never more true than it is today. People do business with people. Your next customer wants to know who you are and how that’s different from everyone else, what you stand for, what you won’t compromise on.

So be YOU, unapologetically.


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  1. I have recently found just how powerful Personal Branding can be, you mean what you say, do what you say you will do, take ownership of your mistakes and genuinely care about the impact on others. A corporate brand can only talk about these things, but it is the individual that has to actually perform them, therefore the customer/client’s experience is with the individual.
    I left a corporation that (in my opinion) believed in its own brand more than the people that worked for them. I am now observing a continuing flow of clients leaving that company in search of my services or to simply go else where.
    It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being consistent and creating a value that your clients will appreciate. I believe if you are prepared to lose a client in order to stay true to your own values, then you have a strong foundation to your own Personal Branding.