Why try editorial-style corporate photography?

With the overwhelming quantity of on-screen information available these days, companies are looking for a way to stand out and make a visual impact – knowing this is the quickest way to gain attention when attention spans are short.

My corporate clients are starting to seek photography with a difference – whether it be for profile photos or personalised ‘stock images’ for their websites – and one way we’re doing this is through editorial style photography.

What is an editorial style? If you’ve ever picked up a copy of In the Black, or another high-quality business magazine, you may have an idea. These are the images that go alongside a story – usually about business success – and offer more than just a visually boring head and shoulders shot. It could be an interesting angle, a backdrop such as a busy city street or elegant boardroom, or a simple prop such as an armchair that gives the photograph a fresh approach and something interesting to look at. Most of all these photographs tell a story themselves – and you can choose the story.


Our work for TS Glass – this is a very simple profile setup with an editorial feel

So why is an editorial style a good idea when investing in your corporate photography? Well we all know an image says a thousand words, and by thinking carefully about the words you want to say you can make the right impression and attract the right market. Photography that is edgy and fresh says the same about your company, and that can only be a good thing in a time of such fast-paced innovation.

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