Women in Subsea Engineering’s Personal Branding Webinar Key take-aways


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At the start of this year, the Women In Subsea Engineering (WISE) committee was formed with a mission to increase the level of gender diversity in engineering within the subsea industry.  The results of a survey revealed that personal digital branding was one of the top areas of interest for participants.

 I was fortunate enough to be invited as guest speaker for Part 1 of the WISE launch: a webinar on professional personal branding. Here are some of the key take-aways from the personal branding webinar.

About personal branding

  • The way people want to be seen and the message they are actually communicating often don’t match up. Everyone has a personal brand, whether they know it or not!
  • Your personal brand is basically WHO you are, WHAT you do, HOW you do it and WHY.
  • It is made up of:
  1. your track record – project experience, roles you’ve held, other people’s opinions of your work
  2. your work style – how you communicate at work, how you approach your work (VALUES), your particular skills and competencies
  3. what you say and how you say it
  4. your appearance – dress, body language
  5. your online profile – on LinkedIn, company website
  6. your personal social media activity – posts, photos, groups your part of, language and tone
  • It’s so important to align your image with the way you need to be seen to achieve your professional goals, whether that’s to be chosen for a promotion or special project, being seen as a go-to expert in your field, or moving into a board role.


Company brand and personal brands aligned

  • People talk about a company brand being a logo, colour scheme or font choice – but these are
  • only symbols of the brand. The business brand is really a sum of the people working within it.
  • Companies therefore need to be concerned about all the elements of personal branding that feed into the business brand, and work with their teams on this – e.g. online social media activity & privacy, communications such as in-person and email
  • From the individual perspective, aligning yourself online with your company brand can elevate your own professional image, by demonstrating your involvement with the company, its work and its values.

Social media and the personal brand 


  • The first thing potential employers do is Google you – your professional image is impacted by everything you do in the online space
  • Privacy settings change – review them every 6 months
  • Consider what your formal profile photo, selfies and social snaps are saying about you… and who is really seeing them!

Giving the right impression through the visual

  • In person and with visual media, the way you look is a huge part of the first impression you make, and will either support or take away from the words you are saying!
  • Dress for the context – you can express your personality and wear what feels comfortable and still work within the boundaries of society’s expectations for a particular situation. It may be disappointing, but the truth is people do make subconscious judgements based on what they see, and if you care about people hearing your message and taking you seriously, you have to consider your appearance.

Why LinkedIn is such a powerful tool

  • A space to be ‘professional’ – to set up your professional image or personal brand – and tailor it to the right audience who can help you achieve your goals
  • Not just for job seekers – Great for building your career strategically – a personal digital ‘marketing plan’! 

How LinkedIn can be harnessed to achieve your professional goals

  • A full, up to date, keyword rich and high-impact profile – tailored to your target audience, be clear
  • Actively seek connections
  • Schedule weekly time

Other highlights of the webinar included: personal stories, tips and tricks, Q&A, a chat about networking, and a dissection of the LinkedIn profile of our host Allison Selman! It was a pleasure to chat with the fantastic professional women at WISE.

This webinar was Part 1 of the two-part launching of the WISE Network. At the end of this month in a networking event, guests will have the opportunity to receive feedback on changes they’ve made to their online profiles as a result of the take-aways of this webinar! This interactive and family-friendly event will take place in the basement at CORE resources innovation hub on the 29 November from 5pm – 7pm. You can register here

Until 1st December, you can listen to a recording of the webinar here

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