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I love reading, but the more I read, the more discerning I become about which authors I’ll give my time to. There’s just so much information out there – which is great – but not all of it’s fantastically helpful and when you have limited time, you want to pick out the best.

Even in the age of e-books, which typically don’t cost a lot, people are very picky about what they’ll buy. When I’m choosing e-books on business and life topics, I want to know that as an author you are qualified on the topic you are writing about and that you are a person I can like and admire. And preferably, you write in a helpful, intelligent and entertaining way too.

So as a writer of e-books, what can you do to encourage people to choose your stuff? For me it’s really about these key points.

Tell me why I should read you

What do you know about this topic? What have you studied, worked in, experienced, succeed in? Does anyone recommend you? What’s your track record? Include this stuff on your sales page, front and centre.

I have my credentials and a bunch of quotes from happy customers on my e-book sales page  

Tell me who you are

What’s your personal story? Where do you live? What are your interests? I want to know you, the human.

Most importantly, what are you passionate about? I want to know you believe in something. Here’s my intro page that makes this clear.


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Let me see you

My personal brand e-book series is filled with photos of me, including on the covers! They are creative profile photos, photos of me at work, and photos OF my work. I’m not showing off – I’m letting you see me. This actually took a lot of time for me to find the guts to do, because I’m naturally private and shy (ironic that I’m a people photographer).

Letting people see you and your work through photos and video is really important to build trust and help people get to know you online.

Check out some of my shots 

Tell me what you really think

Through out my e-books, I give my personal experience and opinion of things. You want me to be honest, right? Well, I am. For example, I begin e-book 2, Personal Brand by Design, thus:

Straight talking about personal brand…

Running a business, I’ve met a lot of people.

I can tell you that most people don’t think seriously enough about creating a personal brand and so the brand creates itself, without the person even being aware of what it is.

And this is dangerous.

I can tell it’s dangerous, by the way a little (or a big) thing might put me off ever doing business with someone, referring them or aligning myself to what they do in any way – and they’d never know it because it’s a habit they didn’t plan.

When people are honest with me, I find it refreshing. I know others are looking for the same. 

By including these aspects of WHO YOU ARE into your e-books, you will help people connect with your work and be well on your way to a best-seller.

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