You don’t see crappy images on billboards

Make sure your images have super power too

Make sure your images have super power too

When I drive along the railway towards Claremont, or past the Guilford Road bridge in East Perth, the billboards on display take me to a dream life where I have the perfect house, wardrobe, life… or they make me laugh, or shiver, or think… especially the giant billboards on Loftus St near Leederville or approaching the city at Roe Street. 

But even when these ads fall short of inspiring, I’m pretty sure I’ve never (with the exception of some political campaigns) seen a crappy photo among them. Billboards are one of the traditional forms of advertising but their principles of design and content apply across all modern marketing. When it comes to images, they don’t have to be likeable, but they do have to get attention and some kind of strong reaction from you. In order to do that, they have to be executed professionally and teamed with some great words and design.

What’s more, the principles of first impressions – dress, behaviour, the colour of your business card – are things you’ve likely taken notice of… and these principles apply to the rest of your marketing too. 

A bad photo is pretty obvious on a giant ad on the main road. But just because your advertising might not be billboard size, doesn’t mean attention to detail isn’t important. If your advertising is online (and a lot of it should be), it’s even MORE important to get every element right – because more people will potentially see and share your online material than will drive past a sign on the road.

So next time you are planning a marketing campaign, ask yourself: Did you ever see a billboard with crappy DIY photos?

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