Your profile photos matter



Your profile photo (or lack of) is sending a message!

I was recently flipping through a well-known national business magazine and I was shocked to see a handful of articles whose authors did not have a professional-looking photo next to their bio, or worse – no profile photo at all.

This particular magazine uses the profile photo and author bio as a main feature in their design layout, so the photo is not only prominent on the page, but where the author has failed to supply one, there is actually an embarrassing silhouette of a head and shoulders (much like you find on LinkedIn where someone has not put in a profile photo or chosen to make it private). So you’ll be looking at two articles on a double-page spread, and one side will have a terrific looking profile pic and bio next to their article, and on the opposite side, you might have another awesome article… with a blanked out person where the writer’s photo should be.

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old woman… in my opinion, this is unacceptable. It’s embarrassing, like having a typo on your business card or a web address that goes nowhere. It should be avoided at all costs.

The saddest thing is, even though I really want to assess the merit of the article as a separate entity, if the author hasn’t bothered to get a good photo to the publisher, I can’t take what they have to say in a business context all that seriously. Maybe life got in the way and it just couldn’t be helped… or maybe they just don’t pay attention to detail.

As business owners, there is always something more that must be done. It’s a great achievement to have content published in such a magazine to begin with, but all the more reason to do the job properly! If the idea of contributing to a business magazine is to make a good impression and be influential in your field, make sure you are setting yourself up as a true professional. 



Let’s get real. If you don’t appreciate the importance of good marketing, both for your business and your personal brand (as author, speaker, business owner, consultant, expert…), you probably shouldn’t be bothering to submit material to business magazines!

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