Brand Culture

Brand expression through your people

“Now brands will need to operate at the intersection of culture, purpose and society.”

‘’Trust, the new brand equity’, Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, June 2021 –


– ‘Trust, the new brand equity’ – Edelman Trust Barometer special report, June 2021

While a lack of trust is caused by a variety of factors, boards and leadership teams understand that trust is not just a matter of ethical behaviour and what the media broadcasts. Trust starts in relationships and communicated purpose and values… internally and externally, through formal processes as well as unplanned ones.

Brand expression through your people

A culture connected to your brand

Video: Julissa explains ‘Brand Culture’ and why it matters for your board, organisation & individuals

“Sending a clear, authentic message — internally and externally — about what the company really stands for will build trust.”

– ‘Transparency key to building trust in business’, in PwC’s 22nd CEO Survey 2019: Widening Gaps & a Positivity Lapse –

An organisation’s ‘Brand Culture’ is where Purpose, Values and Brand meet Culture. This intersection is at the centre of trust – it is a collection of clear messages, expressed consistently, about what the people behind the brand stand for.

As principal consultant and presenter, NWC’s managing director Julissa Shrewsbury works with a small professional team to deliver brand culture analysis, strategy, education and support to her clients, Australia-wide and internationally.

Julissa’s strategic approach to ‘Brand Culture’ in organisations is based on frameworks she has developed to understand and address how people engage with and express the company brand, and to develop cultures of confident personal brands that build trust.

NWC looks at how clear a company brand’s messages are to internal and external audiences, and how well the brand is expressed through its people, at every level of the organisation. Alongside looking at the company brand, integral to our approach is working to build confident, authentic personal brands of people – from leadership to new grads.

NWC’s Brand Culture Framework ©New Work Consulting Pty Ltd 2021


Create an empowering cultural shift

  • Clear & Differentiated Communication of Professional Value: Develop an organisation of people who know who they are in business and what they bring to your clients and stakeholders.
  • Professional Confidence & Connection: Develop a culture of professional confidence and pro-active relationship-building with clients.
  • Brand & Team Congruence: Develop a brand that is clearly positioned, meaningfully differentiated and highly visible through your people.

Personal branding =

…the process of defining the unique value someone brings to their profession and communicating that clearly to stakeholders.

Why work on the personal brands of your team?

  • Increased motivation and pride in their roles
  • Increased confidence when meeting clients and prospects, which in turn inspires confidence from these audiences
  • An understanding of how to position themselves in introductions at networking events, to be seen the way they need to be seen
  • An understanding of how their online activity shapes how others perceive them
  • Better able to accurately and professionally represent the company

…all leading to increased effectiveness, trust with clients and job satisfaction at work.

Julissa’s strategic approach to brand culture is about amplifying your people, your values and your relationships. Her method involves drawing out people’s key strengths and helping them communicate the value they bring to stakeholders, leading to stronger positioning, connectivity, confidence and visibility to reach individual and company KPIs.

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Contact us to book a discussion of the Trust Map exercise, or a Personal Brand Awareness session for your team.

Julissa hosted a session for our FINSIA WA Regional Council and it was outstanding. Julissa did a lot of pre-work to ensure her engaging and interactive presentation hit the mark and was able to draw out many great insights and learnings for us to utilise, as we continue to improve our council. The greatest compliment is a referral and from the session, one of our attendees subsequently engaged Julissa to run a similar session with her direct team. Would recommend Julissa for your next team business strategy session.

Wayde Keyser

FINSIA WA Council Chair / State Director NAB


We offer short but intensive strategy sessions with your board or leadership team to workshop your brand culture challenge.

2 hour session AUD$1600 + GST

Available In-person/Zoom

Work with us on your Brand Culture

Brand Culture Assessment Tools

Achieve a positive, clear and consistent brand message across your people and communications

A strategy based on the 6 intersections between company and personal brands can amplify:

  • Brand impact – stand out from the noise
  • Brand memorability – be remembered, stay top of mind
  • Client loyalty – foster repeat business, be referred often
  • Staff confidence, effectiveness and results
  • Positive team culture, pride, motivation & retention
Book the introductory workshop for your leadership, HR or management team to understand the 6 Intersections Model, or request a prospectus or meeting.

Self-guided assessment tools

How clear is your brand to your people?
How consistently do they represent this brand in their daily work and communications, both internally and externally, both in person and online?
How aligned are team members’ personal brands to the organisation they represent?
Where might disconnects in team experience, client experience or public perception be going unnoticed?

At NWC, we have developed unique measurement tools to help you determine the extent to which your team members’ beliefs, understandings, behaviours and image echo and support your company’s brand.

Once you’ve identified the gaps, we can facilitate workshops to create a plan to address these, as well as provide training for staff on how their personal brands work alongside the business brand.

Company-People Brand Alignment Assessment Tool 1:
Cross-sectional Study 

This assessment tool will give you a cross-sectional snapshot of how well your people align with and represent your company brand. It should be a great starting point for business and personal brand strategy goals. This self-guided assessment typically takes 1 week to complete.

Company-People Brand Alignment Assessment Tool 2:
6 Intersections Mapping 

There are 6 major intersections between your company’s brand and the ways your people personally represent themselves – their ‘personal brands’. An awareness of these and an in-depth assessment of where they come into play in your business can be the catalyst for major cultural change and business growth, through the development of a much more powerful representation of your brand. This in-depth, self-guided company assessment typically takes about 6 weeks to complete.

Julissa also delivers the 6 Intersections of Company & People Brand Alignment as a seminar or keynote presentation.

Testimonial highlights

“Julissa delivered a multi-faceted program responsive to our needs over time, including working with us to set strategy and KPIs, and facilitating implementation through practical leadership sessions, team training, 1-1 coaching and availability as a month-by-month advisor to our team.

In particular, Julissa has worked closely with the audit team to set and achieve network-building and business acquisition goals, resulting in a double digit increase in revenue within the 12 month period. “

-Marius van der Merwe, Partner, Butler Settineri –

“Julissa was highly recommended by a mutual associate and I am so pleased that I acted on that advice. Julissa is extremely knowledgeable in her field and that shines throughout the process and experience. We engaged Julissa’s services for both business and personal brand strategy. Her approach is methodical, creative and she also invests a deep interest in her clients, which makes the experience very personal but at the same time makes you feel at ease.”

– Hailey McSharer, BDM at Fides Consulting –

“Now I know why every director and CEO I refer to you gives great feedback. You positively impact people’s lives personally and professionally.”

– Robert Gordon, Board Strategy Consultant –

“Julissa understood where we wanted to take out staff branding, and helped us achieve our vision. We recommend Julissa & NWC for precision personal branding.”

– GM of W.A. Real Estate Agency –

“Julissa is a talented communicator and creative thinker, with a deep interest in ensuring clients actually follow through on agreed business outcomes.”

– Director of US-based international brand agency –

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