“Personal branding done well, is all about understanding how you influence other people’s opinions of you, in person & online, and then implementing tools to amplify your value in their eyes, in ways that feel authentic to you and resonate with your audience.”
– Julissa –

1-to-1 Leadership Branding

NWC’s Director and Australian personal branding expert Julissa Shrewsbury works one-to-one with a small number of individual clients, typically highly-experienced C-Suite and Senior Executives, Non-Executive Directors, expert advisors and leaders.

Julissa works to enhance leaders’ personal brand positioning and communication that is suited to their sophisticated audiences. She also workshops strategy and skills in online/offline networking, including advanced LinkedIn strategy, that is targeted to the needs of her individual clients. Her work with your organisation can also involve one-to-one coaching in this way.

Julissa works with clients around Australia, most typically in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, and beyond Australia in Singapore, Europe, UK, USA and more. Her sessions are offered in person or via Zoom.

“The biggest misconception about personal branding is that it is about what to wear and how to present yourself in person. But these are just a couple of representations of your brand. Personal branding is really about getting clear on positioning: how you want to be seen, and developing messages and platforms to do that.”

– Julissa –

Are you communicating what you THINK you are communicating?

Your personal brand should be authentic, differentiated and powerfully positioned.

Consider these questions about your personal message:

  • Is the personal brand message you are really projecting helping or hindering your professional goals?
  • Where might your true abilities be going unnoticed?
  • How can you pinpoint and highlight what’s different about you in the work you do?
  • How do you create clarity and cohesion in communications when you have worked in or are currently juggling many roles?
  • Do you need to re-shape your positioning to amplify a new project or focus?
  • How and when should you align with your company’s brand?
  • What are the special requirements of a ‘Leadership Brand’?

And some of the practical applications of personal branding:

  • Is your LinkedIn profile just a CV, or an authoritative, approach-driven, positioned introduction?
  • How can you use specific online tools to reposition yourself, grow your expert status, become influential, attract specific opportunities and stand out from the competition?
  • People do business with people… how can you use personal marketing to highlight your personality in business and connect with your audience on a ‘human’ level?
  • It’s who you know… how can you improve the quality of your network?
  • How can busy people leverage what they are already doing in business to gain more success?

To be successful, you need to be noticed.

Julissa works with you to build a powerful personal brand – helping you structure and grow a stand-out professional image in online and offline spaces, that will draw people and opportunities to you and help you achieve your business and professional goals.

Her focus on Leadership Branding means she is experienced in working with people at the top of their field who need to communicate their leadership value more effectively, to direct future opportunities.

Through in-depth personal brand profiling and personalised, targeted LinkedIn and in-person networking and communication strategy, Julissa will help you position yourself in an authentic and elevated way that truly communicates the value you bring to your work.

“People do business with people – stakeholders are looking to connect online with something REAL that appeals to them personally. I look forward to helping you to show who you are and what makes you different in business through personal brand clarity, strategy and content development tailored to your brand.”

– Julissa –

“People do business with people – stakeholders are looking to connect online with something REAL that appeals to them personally. I look forward to helping you to show who you are and what makes you different in business through personal brand clarity, strategy and content development tailored to your brand.”

– Julissa –

Leadership Branding Packages

Please enquire for more detailed information about our one-to-one personal branding packages, outlined below:

Leadership Brand Profiling Session

Define or reposition your brand as a leader, get clear on your most important brand messages and produce a document you can use with anyone working with your brand. Develop confidence in what you are offering your target audience.

Leadership Brand Profiling + LinkedIn Profile Refresh

Includes the above personal brand profiling session. Develop a bio and LinkedIn profile that positions you the way you want to be seen, and optimise your entire profile page for increased visibility with your target audience.

Leadership Brand Profiling + LinkedIn Profile Refresh + Thought Leadership/Networking Strategy Development

Includes the above. After positioning your brand and refreshing your LinkedIn profile page, we’ll work together to develop a targeted, optimum strategy so you’ll know exactly what steps to take when you are on LinkedIn to develop your thought leadership and/or networks in meaningful ways, in order to maximise your progress towards your business or professional goals. Julissa likes to leverage her own extensive network to assist clients make mutually beneficial connections, and this comprehensive Strategy package is by far the most popular choice with clients.

All packages include incidental support via email/phone to answer your questions during completion of the project. You will work one-to-one with Julissa on strategy, and receive lots of resources as well as incidental support from her team.

More about Julissa’s personal branding method

Personal Branding FAQs

Julissa’s clients come from a range of industries and include:

  • C-suite Executives
  • Board Directors
  • Professional Service Firm Partners (e.g. accounting, finance, banking, business advisory, law)
  • Highly experienced consultants, speakers & authors

Outcomes Julissa achieves with her clients:

  • Achieve personal brand confidence and clarity to align with the right opportunities and attract the right people
  • Position yourself and build your thought leadership
  • Express your personality in business, draw people to you and connect with them on a real, ‘human’ level
  • Create definition and difference, separating you from the competition
  • Elevate your profile and highlight your skill set and value to meet the increased expectations of today’s market
  • Understand how to build a personal brand online that gets noticed, impresses and gets the client
  • Use LinkedIn and other digital communication methods strategically and effectively, with tools that can fit into your schedule and lifestyle
  • Ensure your business or professional profile stands out in the crowd and stays top of mind

Prefer to work on your personal brand strategy on your own, or wish to learn more about Julissa’s method?

Not sure where to start?
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“I worked with Julissa on an in-depth LinkedIn strategy to meet our online marketing needs. Through this process, Julissa was able to create a detailed strategy targeting niche markets that are challenging to find through a simple search. Her thorough research and comprehensive plan, as well as advanced LinkedIn training has helped us to execute our marketing plan to support our business goals. I can recommend Julissa as a highly knowledgeable professional in the LinkedIn and personal branding space.”

– Ian Brown, Ian Brown Group –

“The personal brand clarity I gained after working with you on my profile has already brought me two high-net-worth clients who are a perfect fit within my target market.”

– Sarah, finance specialist –

“I approached Julissa because I wanted help to develop my personal brand as a business speaker, Non-Executive Director and mentor. By taking the time to clarify my goals and key brand messages in a profiling session, Julissa helped me create a LinkedIn profile and new personal website that truly reflects my personal brand, separate from the business where I am the CEO. I now have the online tools to attract more of the opportunities I want in order to make a difference to more people and businesses.”

– Angie Paskevicius, Speaker/NE Director/Mentor/CEO –

“Julissa helped me realise the strength in my personal brand and the significance of my experience. I was underselling myself because I felt like an imposter in business. Julissa gave me the confidence to step up to, and consolidate the essence of my brand experience and point of difference. Thanks J.”

– Dale, Operations Strategy Consultant –

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