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“When people value themselves and their contribution, and can articulate this clearly, they STEP UP, CARE MORE, PERFORM BETTER and ACT LIKE LEADERS.”

– JULISSA SHREWSBURY, Director & Lead Facilitator, New Work Consulting –

Building internal professional confidence and external brand trust

Julissa Shrewsbury is Director of New Work Consulting, a specialist advisory working with organisations on how their people represent themselves and the company brand, both online and in-person. NWC’s focus is building internal professional confidence and external brand trust.

NWC looks at the Brand/Culture connection: how clear a company brand’s messages are to internal and external audiences, and how well the brand is expressed through its people, at every level of the organisation. In creating cultures of confident personal brands, Julissa’s method involves drawing out people’s key strengths and helping them communicate the value they bring to stakeholders, leading to stronger positioning, connection and visibility to reach individual and company KPIs.

As well as providing analysis and strategic direction to board and leadership teams, popular staff development workshop topics include Company Brand Culture, Team & Personal Branding, Leadership Brand & Confidence, Business Development for Professional Services, LinkedIn and Networking Strategy, and Marketing Team Training. Julissa has worked with businesses of all sizes, covering a broad range of industries such as accounting, finance & banking, law, engineering, resources and IT.

“In working with so many professionals, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing people’s personal brand confidence come to life.

As they dig deep to uncover the unique value they bring to others in their daily work, and develop clarity around the right ways to express that, they are visibly transformed. They sit or stand taller and a new light ignites in their eyes. They speak with more certainty and they emanate excitement. Sometimes they are moved to tears.

The personal brand process is a powerful one that can change the way you see yourself and empower you to achieve your goals.”

“When personal brands are defined and owned,

they are transformed.”

– Julissa Shrewsbury, in The Powerful Personal Brand p. 14

Consider these questions:

  • How confident and clear are your people on who they are and what they bring to the business? Can they articulate this confidently with stakeholders?
  • How well do they identify with the organisation’s values, in order to be intrinsically-motivated brand ambassadors?
  • Do your people feel and act like ‘leaders’ at every level of the organisation? Or are you stuck on how to inspire them to ‘step up’?

No less important than the value you create is how you value yourself.”

– Michael Port, Book Yourself Solid

When people value themselves and their contribution, and can articulate this clearly, they STEP UP, CARE MORE, PERFORM BETTER and ACT LIKE LEADERS. They also are perceived more favourably and earn more trust from the internal and external people who matter.

Inspire & equip your team members

for leadership and business growth

With the help of a core support team, Julissa works with organisations to develop internal professional confidence for staff and external brand trust for clients and stakeholders. She does this by working with the company brand messaging, the personal brands of team members and the connection between the two (‘Brand Culture’).

Your team will gain clarity and confidence around the value they bring to their work, what they personally value about the work they do, and what they need to do differently to step up as a ‘leader’, personally and professionally, no matter what their role.

NWC’s Personal Branding Process:

NWC delivers a workshop-based consulting approach, combining analysis, strategic planning and development. Please see our Brand Culture Consulting page for core practice areas.

We also offer limited one-to-one personal brand development packages for individual business leaders.

“My passion is drawing out and highlighting the strengths people bring to their work, and teaching them how to communicate that in powerful ways. I bring my personal experience using the Personal Branding Process to change careers and build two businesses from scratch, along with helping hundreds of clients achieve their goals this way.

I’m confident that my creative vision, strategic approach and the personal way I work with my clients set me apart from other strategists and educators, while my carefully chosen team provide support that is value-aligned and on-brand. This is also what my clients say. I know that your work with us will be a personal and rewarding experience that will benefit your business or professional goals.”

– Julissa Shrewsbury, Director, New Work Consulting –

Julissa typically works with:

  • Clients in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and around Australia, as well as international – Europe, UK, USA, New Zealand, Singapore and more
  • Boards driving a culture of confident professionals building trust with clients
  • Leadership teams working on growing a business by highlighting the people within it
  • Business development teams needing online/offline strategies to build quality networks and opportunities
  • Whole teams needing assistance to represent themselves professionally, through in person and online communication
  • Professionals who need to raise their profile to become known as an expert in their field
  • People-driven businesses that need to reposition themselves and find their point of difference and value proposition

Outcomes Julissa achieves with her clients:

  • Achieve personal brand confidence and clarity to align with the right opportunities and attract the right people
  • Build a corporate culture of confident personal brands
  • Express your personality in business, draw people to you and connect with them on a real, ‘human’ level
  • Create definition and difference, separating you from the competition
  • Elevate your business profile and highlight core team’s skill set and value to meet the increased expectations of today’s market
  • Understand how to build a personal brand online that gets noticed, impresses and gets the client
  • Demonstrate to staff how building their own personal brands helps them achieve their KPIs
  • Align company and personal brand values for mutual benefit

Some of the organisations Julissa has worked with include:

INSEAD Alumni Association
Singapore Institute of Directors
Australian Institute of Company Directors
Australian Institute of Management WA
The Tax Institute
Chartered Accountants ANZ
CPA Australia
Association of Financial Advisers
HLB Mann Judd
Butler Settineri
Subsea Energy Australia
Independence Group (IGO)
Pritchard Francis
Institute of Internal Auditors
Law CPD programs
WA Farmers
Curtin University (Accelerate & Ignition programs)
RAC’s Betterlabs
Perth Angels Investors

Writing & speaking

Author, speaker, LinkedIn Influencer and Australia-wide thought leader in personal branding for business, Julissa regularly writes and speaks on topics such as personal branding for professional people, how to make an impact online, and how to use LinkedIn and networking in strategic and targeted ways to build real business relationships.

Julissa has published two non-fiction books and contributed to two anthologies of fiction and non-fiction. Her work ranges from business topics to community histories.

The first of her family to be born in Australia, Julissa is a proud Argentinian-Australian and explores the subjects of migration and inherited culture in her personal creative projects.


“Now I know why every director and CEO I refer to you gives great feedback. You positively impact people’s lives personally and professionally.”

– Robert Gordon, Director, Board Accord –

“Incredibly insightful… exactly what we aimed to achieve. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge!”

– Matthew, UWA Economics & Commerce program committee member –

“Thank you very much for your stellar work and tactful education. I’ve really enjoyed this whole process and learnt a great deal.”

– Director, Australian Intelligences Services Group –

In the media

Julissa is a go-to in personal brand thought leadership in Australia. Her articles and commentary have been published in various print and online media, including The Australian Financial Review’s BOSS Magazine, AIM WA’s Leader magazine and the Law Institute Journal and she has been interviewed on radio programs and online podcasts.