Our Approach

Consultant and client

Your REAL point of difference is your people.

In my consulting to business owners, executives and leadership teams on building their business and personal brands, I see lots of outstanding businesses doing great things – because of the strengths, abilities and passions of their people. More than ever, I firmly believe that for professional services, your real point of difference is in the unique combination of the people working with you.

That is why, in creating a brand communication strategy for our clients, my main concern is always in drawing out and highlighting the people behind the brand.

Consider whether your brand clearly communicates:

  • who your leadership team & key staff are as people
  • what these individuals bring to their work in terms of client value and in terms of passion
  • what it is about your people that makes you better than the competition
  • consistency in your people brand, across your website, social media and other communications, both in person and online

Our Mission is to show companies in professional services how their people are their real point of difference, and how to highlight that in a way that gets attention, stays top of mind, and connects potential clients with their brand in a real, human way.

People do business with people… and now more than ever we need to stand out from the flooded online marketplace by connecting with our target audience on a real, ‘human’ level. Personal branding means considering values, company culture, personality and expertise to show WHO YOU ARE in business and make people want to work with YOU, not the competitor next door.

To do this, we have developed our own Personal Branding Strategic System:

NWC Personal Brand Model

In order to get this right, our work with clients usually involves an initial business or personal brand profiling session, to get the brand’s key messages and language down on paper, and in a document that can be referred to for all future communications.

Then depending on needs, we work on developing team members’ personal brands, as well as supporting businesses with LinkedIn profile development and training, and strategic digital marketing plans.

We can then train or mentor your marketing team to implement your plans most effectively. Some of our clients ask us to assist further with their communications, so we also provide support services such as website creative direction and monthly content writing for your newsletter, LinkedIn profile or blog.

As personal branding is the key component of our approach, we focus on developing your staff members’ personal brands in alignment with your organisation, and train them to present the best version of themselves in business. We do this through a workshop-based Company Personal Branding program.


  • Clients in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond Australia 
  • Leadership Teams working on growing a business by highlighting the people within it
  • Aspiring/existing board members
  • C-Suite level executives and business leaders with specific professional goals or business vision
  • Entrepreneurs looking for investor attention
  • Business owners, consultants (specialising in professional services such as accounting, law, engineering and business advisories) and speakers who need to get noticed and stay top of mind
  • Professionals who need to raise their profile to become known as an expert in their field
  • People switching careers or who need to reposition themselves and find their point of difference and value proposition

My passion is drawing out and highlighting the strengths people bring to their work. I’m confident that my creative vision, strategic approach and the personal way I work with my clients set me apart from other brand strategists. It’s also what my clients say. I know that your work with my team will be a personal and rewarding experience that will benefit your professional goals.

– Julissa Shrewsbury

Director, New Work Consulting

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