who you are in business
& amplify your value.

Thought Leaders in personal brand strategy for professional services in Australia.

In an online, high-tech world, people still do business with people.

At New Work Consulting, we amplify your people as your point of difference.

Our Mission is to show companies in professional services how their people are their real point of difference, and how to highlight that in a way that gets attention, stays top of mind, and connects potential clients with their brand in a real, human way.

We work with professional service businesses and industry associations in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and internationally, delivering strategy consulting, keynote presentations and team training to strengthen business brands by highlighting the people within them.

With clients across various industries including accounting, finance, law, engineering and resources, we work with your board, leadership, human resources, business development or wider team on how your people represent themselves and the company brand, both online and in-person.

We are New Work Consulting because we believe in delivering thinking at the forefront of business today.


We work one-to-one with experienced leaders, executives and advisors to enhance strategy and skills in online/offline networking, personal brand positioning and communication suited to their sophisticated audiences.


Analysis, strategic planning and training in how your people represent themselves and the company brand, in person and online. We help build cultures of professionals with confident, authentic and high-impact personal brands.


The Powerful Personal Brand: Amplify your profile, communicate your value and own your space is the comprehensive how-to book applying business strategy to personal branding for professionals and business leaders.


NWC’s director Julissa Shrewsbury is a leading speaker in personal branding, LinkedIn and networking strategy for professional people. She speaks for businesses and associations Australia-wide and beyond.

“Julissa Shrewsbury, a corporate personal brand specialist and director of New Work Consulting, points to a rise in the number of companies looking to develop the personal brands of staff…Staff can be helped to develop a personal brand in the context of the organisation’s values and purpose.”

Sally Patten, Patrick Durkin and Jane Lindhe
AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW Boss Magazine – May 2018, Volume 19


Presenting yourself as a deliverer of solutions in times of crisis

Presenting yourself as a deliverer of solutions in times of crisis

At a recent online presentation for INSEAD’s MBA alumni network, I posed the question, ‘What are the unique challenges we are facing in communicating professional and personal brands in 2020, and what needs to look different?’ The answers from participants’ discussion around the world were illuminating!

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Your Culture is visible Online, more than ever

Your Culture is visible Online, more than ever

Online activities have all seen a massive increase since the pandemic began, and this means more is being communicated, through our staff and others, about your organisation… in a highly accessible public forum.

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How my business is staying VISIBLE and RELEVANT right now

How my business is staying VISIBLE and RELEVANT right now

At the moment, the biggest question on my mind is: How can businesses continue to stay VISIBLE and RELEVANT during challenging, fast-shifting times? How can we best serve others in ways that feel authentic and easy for all parties… to help us all create thriving business?

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