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“Very valuable.”
“Good tools to challenge us.”

– Participant responses from Western Australian Leaders workshop for Executive Members

The Powerful Personal Brand course​Develop a team of confident personal brands.

Based on the book, The Powerful Personal Brand, this course deep-dives into the personal brands of your people, framed by your company brand values, so that you can develop teams who know who they are and what they bring to business, inspiring confidence from your stakeholders.

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Julissa Shrewsbury is a university-qualified (B.Ed, B.Arts) educator with close to 20 years’ experience in the field, having taught people of all ages and backgrounds. She uses her understanding of education psychology and inclusive education programming to create and deliver exceptional learning experiences. Her experience as a business founder and her work with hundreds of businesses means all her presentations are practical and implementable.

Client feedback on what they value about our workshops:

  • Pre-workshop homework is useful and thought-provoking and helps pinpoint what each participant wants to achieve in the session
  • The team discussions and activities help both the individual AND the team as a unit to grow
  • Lots of good ideas for using LinkedIn and networking at a more sophisticated and strategic level
  • Activities are practical and targeted
  • The option of one-to-one personal brand coaching for key staff helps cement learning and apply it in ways that are meaningful to the individual. Staff really enjoy the one-to-one experience and it has greatly contributed to their confidence
  • Staff are talking about their personal brands and their ideas for using LinkedIn and networking… the culture is shifting

Program Modules


  • Choose one or more modules
  • Each module can be presented in a variety of formats: as a keynote address, informative 2- hour seminar, an applied workshop (half day or full day) or as part of an in-depth action-learning or coaching program
  • Presentations are tailored to audience demographics e.g. leadership, management, aspiring, entry-level or student
  • Presentations are tailored to the goal in mind e.g. building networks, marketing a business, board governance

Most popular workshops

Brand Expression Through Your People for leaders and managers
(typically 2 hours)

This workshop introduces leaders and managers to NWC’s 6 Intersections between your company’s brand and the ways your people personally represent themselves – their ‘personal brands’. You will look at the possible ‘gaps’ to see where your company brand is communicated positively or negatively through your people, and explore ways this might be assessed and addressed within your organisation.

Personal Brand & LinkedIn Strategy for client-building teams
(typically 2 x half days)

While you may have learned about the ‘how to’ of LinkedIn – how to set up a profile, how to create a post, how to connect with someone… this does not tell you ‘how to achieve your particular goals using LinkedIn’ or ‘how to align your communications on LinkedIn with your personal brand’.

This comprehensive workshop will help your team members get clear on the value they bring at work, how to position themselves when meeting prospects, and how to use NWC’s 3 Platforms of a LinkedIn Strategy to purposefully and professionally build their contacts, become more visible and ultimately build trust with target audiences.

Online/Offline Networking for professional advisors
(typically 2 hours or half day)

You may understand the purpose of attending networking events but have found them to be tiresome, scary or a waste of your efforts. You haven’t worked out how to choose and use networking opportunities to suit your personality, purposes and schedule.

Being strategic with networking means creating a clear plan for how you will use activities to suit you, your brand, and your goals. It’s about consistency in building REAL relationships and staying on people’s radar – it’s not about all-out self-promotion, attending the opening of an envelope, or having coffee with everyone you meet! This workshop takes you through a realistic but powerful plan of online and offline networking actions that suit your role… so you can stay visible, connected and top of mind.

Personal Branding Basics & Powerful Communication for early career professionals (typically half day)

This practical workshop introduces graduate-level/early-stage career participants to their personal brand, the psychology of making a good impression and how to use confident communication techniques in real workplace situations. The workshop features visual examples, written and active exercises and discussion designed to build participants’ professional confidence. Leadership/management is consulted to inform your workshop’s focus points and feedback given on participant concerns, strengths and areas to work on, following the workshop.

Tailored programs

While all our our workshops are delivered with your particular audience in mind, most of our clients ask us to design a workshop or series of workshops especially for them.

To best support your business and learning objectives, we can create a program combining leadership strategy, team development workshops and 1-1 coaching. We work with your time and budget allowances to create the best outcome for you.

We include a strong feedback, assessment and KPI tracking component to ensure learning is integrated towards achieving individual, team and company goals.

“In 2020 we have seen the need to revise how we do business and create growth, across the globe.

Our programs and presentations reflect the current environment and include tools to address the particular challenges we now face. Programs such as The New Normal Networking Flow, delivered virtually or in-person, take participants through a step-by-step plan that makes sense for 2020 and beyond.”

– Julissa –

Testimonial highlights

“It’s been great to develop a working relationship with you over the past couple of years, and you’ve added so much value to HLB Mann Judd staff and clients of the firm… Thank you for your contribution.”

– Norman Neill, Partner, HLB Mann Judd –

“I recently had the experience of participating in workshops run by Julissa about online personal and business brand strategies. Julissa’s practical approach demystified the process and provided a clear path of action. Julissa is clearly genuinely interested in her clients – she goes the extra mile to provide brilliant service and ongoing advice and support.”

– Linda Bradley, Senior Researcher at Research Solutions –

“Julissa brings focus to online personal branding and reputation.”

– Jody Nunn, WA State Manager, Australian  Institute of Company Directors –

“I’ve spoken to our team and they all agreed that they benefitted immensely. Thanks very much for your professionalism.”

– Pat Settineri, Founding Partner, Butler Settineri –

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