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Personal branding for Your People

At NWC, we amplify your people as your point of difference.

Imagine the potential of a business that amplifies the strengths of its people at the core of the brand.

This would mean: 

  • accelerated achievement of individual KPIs in business growth, as staff get noticed and impress their audience
  • confidence at an individual level and pride in the brand, leading to staff acting as brand advocates and role models
  • a consistent brand experience for customers
  • creation of real connection and loyal clientele

This is what we call developing ‘personal brands’ in individuals, and collectively, a company brand that is about people. Why does this matter?

Because today’s challenging market is full of choice and technology-enabled shortcuts, and:

  • people still want to do business with people
  • if you get the ‘human connection’ right, you’ll stand out from the crowd and create loyal customers

What does a successful ‘people brand’ look like?

  • Organisation-wide clarity on Purpose, Culture & Values
  • A well-documented company brand profile that clearly identifies your value and difference in the market
  • A team that understands the power of a cultivated personal brand and how to present a professional image in person and online
  • An up-to-date website that highlights your people
  • LinkedIn profiles that are specifically positioned and optimised
  • A comprehensive, targeted and goal-orientated LinkedIn and networking strategy

Our process is to work with you to DEFINE & DEMONSTRATE your business & personal brands, ELEVATE your image in the marketplace, CONNECT on a real, human level with your target audiences, and ATTRACT the right market segment and stakeholders, leading to more clients and more sales. 

From short-and-sharp workshopping sessions to a full, tailored program to overhaul your brand & empower your people


Who Why How model

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Exploratory sessions
  • Book a 45-minute lunchtime boardroom session to discover more about the corporate personal brand process and receive identified points for improvement in your brand, both at whole-company and individual staff level.
Introductory sessions
  • Book an Online Brand Presence Assessment to determine the impact and effectiveness of your business & people branding online.
  • Or dive straight into a Company Brand Profiling Session – our strength is in clarifying your brand messages in a simple 1.5 hour workshop with your leadership team. No more fuzzy messaging or going around in circles – our process is step-by-step and designed to bring out the exact wording you need to communicate a stand-out brand.
  • Book a team awareness session to introduce your wider team to the concept of personal branding.
Corporate Personal Branding Program

Our workshop-based program in Corporate Personal Branding is one of the first of its kind in Australia.

A tailored program incorporating your areas of need, such as work on Purpose, Values, Company Brand Messages, Personal Brand Awareness and Development for your people, Corporate LinkedIn Strategy and Training, and principles of effective Business Networking, organisations work with us in a range of ways, from short programs through to year-long projects that truly embed personal branding into your culture.

NWC’s Corporate Personal Branding Program gives your team members the tools to:

  • position themselves the way they need to be seen
  • elevate their visibility
  • build relationships using real-life and online resources in a ‘human’ way, with a focus on quality networking and using LinkedIn strategically
  • strategically and consistently attract more of the right people and opportunities to help them achieve their KPIs

Enquire about the Corporate Personal Branding Program today for the full outline including why, what and how we make this happen.

Marketing model

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Marketing Audit & Marketing Team Mentoring for Professional Service Businesses

Many busy professional service businesses have limited resources when it comes to their marketing team – yet a strong marketing strategy and consistent implementation is vital for continued business growth. We can help through:

  • In-depth analysis of your existing brand & marketing, through NWC’s Marketing Audit process
  • Working with your marketing team to examine and optimise your brand and marketing communications CONTENT, SYSTEMS & PROCESSES. We keep things simple and keep the ownership with your team, through our workshop-based approach.
  • Further support working with Julissa as your mentor and strengthen your brand communications to achieve your growth goals. 
Seminars & Training

NWC Corporate PB ProgramWe also offer short workshops to suit your professional development or conference/event needs. Choose from our most popular topics, or we can tailor your session to suit you.

Please enquire for more information about the services of interest to you, or to book an exploratory lunchtime boardroom session.


Julissa was highly recommended by a mutual associate and I am so pleased that I acted on that advice. Julissa is extremely knowledgeable in her field and that shines throughout the process and experience. We engaged Julissa’s services for both business and personal brand strategy. Her approach is methodical, creative and she also invests a deep interest in her clients, which makes the experience very personal but at the same time makes you feel at ease.”

– Hailey McSharer, BDM at Fides Consulting

“I recently had the experience of participating in workshops run by Julissa about online personal and business brand strategies. Julissa’s practical approach demystified the process and provided a clear path of action. Julissa is clearly genuinely interested in her clients – she goes the extra mile to provide brilliant service and ongoing advice and support.”

– Linda Bradley, Senior Researcher at Research Solutions

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