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New book on PERSONAL BRAND STRATEGY coming soon.

Leading personal brand strategist, LinkedIn Influencer, keynote speaker and corporate personal brand trainer Julissa Shrewsbury collates 20 years of learning and teaching in this book, to show you how to apply business brand strategy to your professional life for a high-impact personal brand.

Julissa shares her personal experience in changing careers and building two very different businesses from scratch using personal branding as a major tool. She also describes common concerns and questions professional people have about personal branding, and the proven solutions she uses with clients.

You will enjoy her straight-talking and often humorous writing in this comprehensive and highly practical book that will give you the complete framework, tools and exercises you need to build a stand-out personal brand of your own.

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Coming out at the end of 2018. 

To pre-order your first-release copy, leave a message here.

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Why pre-order your copy?

First print runs are typically small. Pre-ordering means publishers have an idea of the initial demand for a book, and can print enough copies to suit. If you pre-order, you can be sure to get your copy from the first print-run!

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