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NWC’s director Julissa Shrewsbury trains teams in how to structure personal brands in the online space.

About Personal Brand and LinkedIn Training with Julissa Shrewsbury

I help people uncover, plan, build and promote their personal brands to meet their business or career goals. I work with business owners, professionals and company teams to assess the message they are sending out both collectively and individually about the business brand or industry they are associated with.

I believe in the power of your personal brand to succeed in business today. This is a challenging market, one where people have limited resources (time and money) and yet are flooded with choice on the Internet. Now more than ever, we need to pay attention to the old adage, ‘People do business with people’, and really look at the message we are sending about ourselves and the extent to which we can bring our unique strengths and personalities into our branding, while still remaining highly professional.

The way you are communicating your message requires constant evaluation and adjustment to continue to be effective. Your website design, the wording of your bio, your personal social media activity, your photos and video are just some of the methods of communication you must continue to monitor and evolve.

- Julissa

A clear and consistent personal brand that aligns with your company gives you an edge over the competition.

Our trainings are presented by NWC’s Director and experienced trainer Julissa Shrewsbury, sometimes in collaboration with related experts we regularly work with. We can tailor presentations to suit your needs, from short educational sessions to in-depth workshops, and we like to provide implementation support post-training, such as working one-to-one with the management team or running small group check-in sessions.

Sample training topics for your team

Here’s just a sample of what we cover in our team trainings. For a complete outline or a tailored presentation, please contact us.

  • Building a powerful LinkedIn profile
  • Using LinkedIn effectively to meet your professional goals, from repositioning and growing your career to reaching company KPIs or booking more clients
  • Social media considerations: Representing yourself online
  • Developing a high-impact professional personal brand that gets noticed and stays top of mind
  • Writing a head-turning bio
  • What your profile photo says about you

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