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Challenging market? Time to get real about your personal brand. 

Running a business, I’ve met a lot of people. I can tell you that most people don’t think seriously enough about creating a personal brand and so the personal brand creates itself, without the person even being aware of what it is.

And this is dangerous.

I can tell it’s dangerous, by the way a little (or a big) thing might put me off ever doing business with someone, referring them or aligning myself to what they do in any way – and they’d never know it because it’s a habit they didn’t plan.

Your brand is out there – whether you know it or not!

  • Do you really know your personal brand?
  • Do you know all the elements that make up your personal brand – in person, in print, and online?
  • Is the brand message you are projecting helping or hindering your professional goals?
  • How can you align with your company’s brand to raise your own profile?
  • How can you use a personal brand strategy to work it on LinkedIn, and achieve your KPIs, get more clients, or find that perfect role?
  • People do business with people… how can you use digital marketing to highlight your personality in business and connect with your audience on a ‘human’ level?
  • It’s who you know… how can you improve the quality of your network?
  • How can you use specific online tools to reposition yourself, grow your expert status, become influential, attract specific opportunities and stand out from the competition?
  • How can busy people leverage what they are already doing in business to gain more success?

Our work in personal branding in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond will assist you in assessing, designing and communicating your personal brand for business or career success, either individually or as a team.

“People do business with people – customers are looking to connect online with something REAL that appeals to them personally. I look forward to helping you to show who you are and what makes you different in business through strategy and content development tailored to your brand.” – Julissa


NWC’s Director and personal branding expert Julissa Shrewsbury specialises in building powerful PERSONAL brands – helping you build and maintain a stand-out professional image in the online space, that will draw people and opportunities to you and help you achieve your business or professional goals.

You will work one-to-one with Julissa on strategy, and receive lots of resources as well as incidental support from her team. We can also tailor a package to suit your individual needs.

Julissa works with clients in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond Australia. Her sessions are offered in person or via phone / Skype.

Outcomes Julissa achieves with her clients:

  • Achieve personal brand confidence and clarity to align with the right opportunities and attract the right people
  • Position yourself and build your thought leadership
  • Express your personality in business, draw people to you and connect with them on a real, ‘human’ level
  • Create definition and difference, separating you from the competition
  • Elevate your profile and highlight your skill set and value to meet the increased expectations of today’s market
  • Understand how to build a personal brand online that gets noticed, impresses and gets the client
  • Use LinkedIn and other digital communication methods strategically and effectively, with tools that can fit into your schedule and lifestyle
  • Achieve a positive, clear and consistent brand message across your people and communications
  • Create a clear plan of action to direct your marketing efforts and resources and avoid waste
  • Ensure your business or professional profile stands out in the crowd and stays top of mind

Not sure where to start? Book a free 15-minute phone or Skype chat with Julissa  Book Initial Consultation

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Personal Branding Packages

Please enquire for more detailed information about our most popular packages, as outlined below:

Personal Brand / Business Brand Profiling Session

Define or reposition your brand, get clear on your most important brand messages & produce a document you can use with anyone working with your brand. Develop confidence in what you are offering your target audience.

LinkedIn Profile Refresh

Includes the above personal brand profiling session. Develop a bio and LinkedIn profile that positions you the way you want to be seen, and optimise your entire profile page.

LinkedIn Profile Refresh + Strategy Development

Includes the above. After positioning your profile and refreshing your page, we’ll work together to develop a targeted, optimum strategy so you’ll know exactly what steps to take when you are on LinkedIn, to maximise your progress towards your business or professional goals.

Complete Personal Brand Packages

Adding to the above, we can help you overhaul or develop your entire online presence, including guidance on photography, video, website development and social media marketing plans.

All packages include incidental support via email/phone to answer your questions during completion of the project.

The personal brand clarity I gained after working with you on my profile has already brought me two high-net-worth clients who are a perfect fit within my target market. – Sarah, finance specialist

Our clients come from a range of industries around Australia and beyond, and include:

  • C-suite executives
  • board members & directors
  • business management consultants
  • accounting, finance & business advisories
  • law firms
  • engineering & new technology
  • investors & entrepreneurs
  • speakers & authors

Contact us to find out how we can position you the way you want to be seen.

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