Special Programs

In the Macquarie Accounting & Financial Services Best Practice Benchmarking Report 2018, adding value and more personalisation to the client experience was identified as important to high-performing businesses. The report’s advice to strengthen this area started with exploring purpose and meaning with your staff, by bringing to life real stories about helping clients solve problems.

NWC supports teams in professional services to create meaning through work, both personally and collectively, with these special programs:

Brand Culture Program

Our tailored brand culture program is designed as both a strategy consulting and a learning and development experience, to assist organisations to:

  • Develop an organisation of people who know who they are in business and what they bring to your clients and stakeholders.
  • Develop a culture of professional confidence and pro-active relationship-building with clients.
  • Develop a brand that is clearly positioned, meaningfully differentiated and highly visible through your people.

Conversations on WHY

Organisations that are clear about their purpose generally have lower staff turnover, produce better financial performance and are more likely to connect with consumers.”

“The 2017 Edelman Earned Brand Study found that 60 percent of millennials are belief-driven buyers. They want and value transparency… Brands that lead with purpose show a 46 per cent increase in wallet share.

– ‘How an authentic brand purpose drives profitability’, June 2018, Company Director Magazine Online, Australian Institute of Company Directors –

Inspired by Simon Sinek and team’s Start With Why and Find Your Why, Conversations on Why is an in-depth look at your people’s sense of purpose at work and how this can build a powerful brand culture based on their real-life stories.

Often involving just one half-day workshop with a cross-section of your staff, this is an intensive, powerful and uplifting exercise that can then be carried through the rest of your organisation to enhance positive culture or start to work to change a challenging one.

If your organisation needs to bring real meaning to your existing set of brand values, this exercise will work to achieve this.

OR, if you are looking to create refreshed brand values for your organisation, this is a real-life, meaningful place to start.

In either scenario, you will involve your people and their stories into your brand in meaningful ways, creating a true purpose- and values-driven organisation.

Bring It:
Professional Clarity & Confidence

When you address your limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and fear of the path unseen… you are free to find your inner resources and channel confidence.

When you clarify the value you bring at work, define your personal brand and learn how to communicate with authority, you will project confidence and stand out as a leader in your field.

Participants will:

  • consider the importance of personal leadership
  • break down barriers to their achievement
  • foster internal confidence
  • define what sets them apart at work
  • learn to communicate their value and elevate their professional image, in person and online
  • discover tools for communicating with confidence and authority

Typical outcomes participants report:

  • increased overall confidence day-to-day
  • willingness to put a hand up to try new projects or activities
  • ease in speaking with prospects and clients
  • increased clarity in what they bring to stakeholders increased ability to communicate with confidence and build trust with clients
  • improved self-image
  • improved personal presentation
  • stepping up into more challenging roles
  • growth in client base
  • increased personal income or sales

The Bring It model
to develop professional authority includes:

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Book the 1 hour information-rich overview seminar.

And an applied and actionable half day workshop.

Package rates available for multiple sessions.


“Through their ongoing program, the speakers highlight the importance of developing professional confidence and authority and provided a number of communication tips for professionals. It was an honour to host this launch event for the Bring It team and showcase the valuable work they do to a wider audience.”

– Kirstin Stewart, Partner at HLB Mann Judd –

“Great event. I found it very valuable and the Bring It model helps to reveal our gaps to allow us to be the best we can with our personal and professional lives.”

– Brad Dunn, Key Relationships Manager at Momentum Wealth –

“We can get so caught up in the busyness of work that we don’t check in with ourselves, or spend the time clarifying our purpose so we can bring the best authentic versions of ourselves to what we do. I am really pleased I invested in some ‘me’ time tonight and very happy I spent it being inspired by amazing professional women who know how to ‘Bring it’!”

– Jemma Green, Chief Innovation Officer at City of Canning –