Key take-aways from AICD Director Download: What’s your board’s role in leading organisational culture online?

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Brand Expression, Corporate culture

Last week I addressed members of the Australian Institute of Company Directors in a keynote entitled, ‘What’s your board’s role in leading organisational culture online?’ We discussed the challenge of leading culture, the online facets of culture in today’s world, and what this means for directors on boards. Here are some of the key points from the presentation.

The challenge of culture in today’s world

  • Culture is more than a code of ethics; it’s the WHO, WHY and HOW of the organisation
  • Culture is intangible BUT visible – including online!
  • There are official and unofficial representations of culture found online that must be considered. ‘Official’ includes the company website and social media program; the ‘unofficial’ includes things like media mentions, customer reviews and staff members’ personal social media activity
  • It’s important to have an awareness of how ‘private’ social media isn’t
  • Paying attention to representations of culture online ensures you consider what is now a valid layer of culture in today’s world and can be a great tool to ‘take the pulse’ of real culture. Online representations can break down the positive or perpetuate the negative if not attended to, and therefore need to be a seriously considered part of a PR risk minimisation strategy.

Read on below for strategies and possible solutions for the board’s role in leading culture online.

The Board’s role 

  • PRIORITY on agenda and with expectations of executive leadership
  • Insist on and drive a PRO-ACTIVE not a re-active strategy to culture
  • PLANNING for increased interaction between board members and the organisation to keep a finger on the pulse of culture

Strategies & possible solutions

  • ACTIVELY BUILD CULTURE: Working on Purpose & Values, reviewing Policies and Leading by example
  • EDUCATION & TRAINING: personal branding, communications strategy, empowering staff with tools not rules, getting help
  • MEASUREMENT: KPIs, culture tools, social media analysis, being part of it
  • DIVERSITY: Including the online-savvy on your board

Some of the resources mentioned in the presentation

Mark Pesce: Interview with Richard Fidler on ABC 

Professor Daniel Deniso & culture surveys: AICD article Aug 2016 

December 2017 The Ethics Centre, the Governance Institute, Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and The Institute of Internal Auditors: Managing culture – a Good Practice Guide. / Report

Julissa Shrewsbury, ‘Achieving people and company brand alignment’